• These 4 Forgotten AdWords Best Practices Still Matter – Here’s Proof

    It’s been a full year since Google first released expanded text ads to advertisers globally – and what a year it’s been! Since they were first announced, advertisers were eager to begin testing the new expanded ad format, but many were hesitant to let go of their tried and true ads. Now that standard text ads can no longer be created in either AdWords or Bing, it’s time to loo ...

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  • 3 Killer Strategies for Custom Affinity Audience Campaigns

    August 14, 2017 Below we dig into 3 killer strategies for using custom affinity audience targeting, performance results and key lessons learned from managing custom affinity targeting. Affinity audience targeting is not new. Facebook, Google and Amazon have been using them for some time and have seen huge success.

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  • Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way

    Does your brand have any registered, copyrighted or trademarked terms? If so, you should absolutely include the symbol in your text ads for improved performance. Yes! These little guys: ® © ™ This is not a new tactic in PPC ads by any means, but so many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it. The expected immediate impact from making this change is improved clickthrough rate (CTR).

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  • Automate Your Manual Bidding Strategy Using Supermetrics

    August 14, 2017 One of the most important parts of our job as PPC’ers is bidding. We place bids to win auctions to gain conversions and leads. A big part, then, of our PPC strategy is optimizing bidding. There are several bidding strategies out there, but they can be simplified down to two categories: automated bidding and manual bidding.

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  • A PPC Account Manager’s Checklist

    August 11, 2017 Whether you’re the most novice paid advertiser or a seasoned vet, the question “what do I do now” has likely come up numerous times. Maybe you feel that you’ve done all you can do and are stuck. Maybe you’ve been so busy driving strategy that daily/weekly account maintenance has fallen by the wayside.

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  • How to test and perfect nearly everything in PPC

    … search campaigns to drive sales on other channels, including Facebook, Pinterest and Amazon. Competitive Research For SEM. It’s not enough to be brilliant with your own SEM efforts. You need to know what your competitors are up to. Attend this session and learn how to easy it is to apply the time-tested techniques of competitive intelligence to your…

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  • Internet mysteries: Why does last-touch attribution persist?

    Although attribution is hot, ad buyers still love to gripe about it. “I often tell clients that using click data to determine if something is working or not kills a little bit of my soul every time I have to mention it,” said Kevin VanValkenburgh, svp of connections planning at ad agency The Tombras Group.

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