• Google Is Leaving You Clues to Help You Rank Higher – Know Where to Look

    Image via Shutterstock. Google is leaving you clues about how to become a better marketer — and you might not even be seeing them. The job of every marketer today, whether they work in PPC, SEO, CRO, or content, is to solve people’s problems. Google is taking note of companies that are doing it well, and companies that are leaving people disappointed.

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  • 4 Things to Look for While Buying an E-Commerce Startup

    … You do not always have to start a business from scratch. It might sometimes be easier to buy your way into the startup world. E-commerce is one of the most sought-after sectors when it comes to acquisitions, so buying an e-commerce startup could be the perfect option for you. Photo by Nick Morrison There are two reasons why people pursue the e…

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  • A Quick and Easy Guide to Ubersuggest Keyword Research

    Anyone who tells you that keywords are a thing of the past has lost touch with the reality. The truth of the matter is that keyword research is more important and more relevant than ever before; it has just taken on a different form than how it may have looked several years ago. If you are a blogger, it’s important that you stay on top of the topics that interest your readers.

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  • Why Brand Ad Campaigns Are Important

    October 16, 2017 On occasions, clients ask if it is worth bidding on Brand when they show up in the #1 spot in Organic search. It is a great question, after all, it could potentially save money and allow for more budget to go to generic campaigns instead. My response, without hesitation, is yes. In fact, you should be bidding on your brand name in all engines for several reasons.

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  • Why Every PPC Specialist Should Experience Client Facing Roles

    October 11, 2017 As PPCer’s, our best asset is being able to drive trackable advertising performance for companies and clients. We learn our industry, adapt to changes, hone our skills and expand our knowledge of the array of tactics to deliver the best results. We learn processes, “hacks” and ways that work for us across a multitude of clients.

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  • Learn to Optimize Ad Extensions in PPC

    PPC search adverts have come a long way from the stereotypical title, description and URL structure. One of the biggest additions to them has been ad extensions, which allow the advertiser to display an extra element to their search advert which work (or should work) to increase the click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate of your advert and campaign.

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  • Should you really streamline your AdWords account?

    3Q’s Alpha Beta process was one of the earliest innovations in SEM streamlining – consolidate your account into as few campaigns as possible based on your needs (budget, geo-targeting, CPA/ROI goals) and use ...

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  • 4 Tips For Troubleshooting PPC Performance

    October 12, 2017 “Why is PPC performance so different from August to September?” These are the kinds of questions, that left unchecked, can send me into a bit of PPC whirlwind. My instinct is to jump to the “what”. What we will do to fix the problem. That feels easier than sifting through columns of data, trying to piece together a story.

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  • 6 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

    Grow Your Business Via these 6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic If there’s one online marketing goal that companies are focused on today, it’s finding ways to increase website traffic. 55% of companies identify growing traffic to their website as one of their top marketing priorities, according to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Marketing report.

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  • Google AdWords: The Beginner’s Guide

    Google AdWords is a staple platform for the vast majority of digital marketing strategies. However, marketers need to get things right from the outset to avoid costly inefficiencies. This guide will provide everything you need to know to get an AdWords account up and running, and set for success. The digital marketing industry has grown in tandem with Google AdWords, to the e ...

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