• Retargeting Management: It’s Time to Change Your Approach

    Remember when online advertising was easy? Not that long ago, getting a good-looking banner ad placed in a prime location on the world wide web was the best way to drive people to your website. The costs were lower, the click-through-rates were higher, and if you staked out a unique place for yourself within the online retail space, the sales were outstanding.

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  • Why Every Digital Advertiser Needs to Test Like a Scientist

    … Advertisers have long been nicknamed “mad men.” But in the data-driven digital age, perhaps “mad scientists” is a better moniker. There is indeed a strong parallel between scientific testing and advertising testing. When doctors and medical researchers look to evaluate the effectiveness of a new treatment, a randomized controlled trial…

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  • Turning off retargeting could hurt publishers and empower Google, Facebook

    People being stalked around the internet with ads for the same pair of sneakers is one of the unfortunate side effects of digital advertising. But online ad campaigns still rely on retargeting because, well, it works. Users can turn off their cookies to reduce retargeting, but it’s hard to eliminate all ad tracking since advertisers also identify users by their login data.

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  • 3 Essential Advertising Strategies for Merry Mobile Holiday Shopping

    … or fail to complete their purchase while adding items to their shopping cart on your website. Because of this, retargeting is an exceptionally valuable and lucrative strategy for the holiday season. Dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram are particularly useful for reminding users of items they browsed on your website. This personalized ad unit…

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  • Digital Marketing News: Visual Content Trends, Facebook Ads Controversy & Bing Retargeting

    The Hottest Visual Content Marketing Trends in 2017 [Infographic] Visual content can help you boost your content marketing efforts in terms of engagement and resonance. This infographic shows the most common types of visual content marketing, what type of visuals consumers prefer and more. Social Media Today Facebook’s Ad Metrics Come Under Scrutiny Yet Again There's been some ...

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  • Using Exclusions to Strengthen Retargeting

    Social experts know that running retargeting campaigns on your account is one of the easiest ways to bring in conversions while keeping your audience engaged with your brand. Your options for retargeti ...

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  • Advertisers Beware: Your Retargeting Attribution May Be Flawed

    … Is your retargeting solution truly effective? The answer to that question is not always clear. While many solutions may claim to drive sales, a black-box approach and lack of in-depth reporting keeps many advertisers in the dark and prevents them from crafting truly impactful retargeting campaigns. Why does a lack of transparency lead to flawed…

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  • Nailing down ads for the holiday season

    …-commerce growth. Consider the following paid media tactics to be more effective and successful as an online retailer. Capturing demand through PLAs and Google Shopping Google Shopping or product listing ads (PLAs) are sizzling hot, especially while we prepare for the holiday season. Ever since PLAs gained popularity in 2011, they’ve evolved…

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  • Incrementality and Optimization: You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

    … How can you be sure that every dollar you spend on retargeted ads is effectively growing your bottom line? Measuring and optimizing toward incrementality is critical for helping digital advertisers determine the true return from their retargeting ad spend. By measuring the lift in value — like revenue — that ads provide, you can accurately…

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  • Demandbase boosts its B2B early warning system

    Metaphorically, Demandbase’s new Real-Time Intent is a kind of early warning system for business sellers. Demandbase helps marketers target content, ads and sales to web users, based on the company they’re coming from and their interests. This week, it is upping its Account-Based Marketing game, announcing new artificial intelligence tech that processes more data more quic ...

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