• SEO Basics: What is conversion?

    First things first. Conversion isn’t SEO. Conversion is an end of the customer’s journey on your website. It’s not the end, as that customer could come back and start a new part of the journey. Conversion can be improved by good SEO, that much is true if you: target the right keywords, provide the right site structure, and make sure your visitor has the best user experience.

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  • Are There Any Search Optimization Strategies That Are Illegal?

    …, at least temporarily, barring it from search engine results entirely. It's possible to recover even from these extreme cases, but the process is usually slow and arduous. But what about the worst of the worst? Are there any SEO strategies that are actually illegal? The Gray Area SEO is a strategy meant to take advantage of the offerings…

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  • WTFSEO 2017 SEO Ranking Factor Study

    Greetings WTFSEOers and welcome to the 2017 edition of our Google ranking factors study. It may seem like just last year we published the complete list of Google ranking factors but alas, Google makes several hundred algorithm updates per year – which is great for us because we can keep recycling the same bullshit post every year and call it new.

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  • Understanding the interplay of SEO and a 5-star reputation

    …How do online reviews impact search visibility, and what can you do to improve your online reputation? Columnist Stephan Spencer addresses these questions and more. The post Understanding the interplay of SEO and a 5-star reputation appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. …

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  • Yoast SEO 5.8

    For us, these last few weeks were mostly about our SEO conference YoastCon, but work on Yoast SEO went on as well. Today, we’re proud to present Yoast SEO 5.8. In this release, you’ll find a truckload of fixes and enhancements. I’ll share some of them in this release post and I’ll shine a light on all those smart community members who helped enhance this release.

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