• The New Character Length for Google SERP Snippets & Meta Descriptions

    Just in case you hadn’t heard yet, On December 1, 2017, Google (read: Danny Sullivan) officially confirmed that the maximum length of a snippet in their search results has increased to about 320 characters. I know, right?! How long should my Meta Description be? Google is now saying that the maximum length for a snippet in search results is 320 characters including spaces & ...

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  • Top 5 SEO Tasks to Focus on in 2018

    … Here are five SEO tasks you need to prioritize in 2018 and tools that can help you accomplish them effortlessly. The post Top 5 SEO Tasks to Focus on in 2018 by @SERanking appeared first on Search Engine Journal. …

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  • SEO basics: What is search intent?

    SEO is a way to get more traffic to your website. By ranking high in Google, you attract more people to your site. Eventually, your goal probably is to sell your stuff, or to attract more regular visitors. A nice tactic to get more traffic to your site is optimizing your content for words people use.

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  • How to Optimize Your SEO Strategy for Voice Searches

    …. Featured snippets are a key part of SEO in general because they appear at the top of SERPs. If you can rank on featured snippets, you’re right in the face of your prospects. Now that voice search is emerging, featured snippets will matter more and more. Why? Because an individual’s mobile device reads out the top search result. If there…

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