• Adapting Your SEO Strategy When Your Business Changes

    … happen to a business is to change their marketing strategy – either for budgeting purposes, change of executives, or failure of the old strategy. One such example of a change in marketing strategy is to change their target audience. Instead of targeting a broad audience, your business might want to target a specific audience. If this is the case…

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  • 9 SEO tips for better Google Image search results

    While a lot of energy is being spent trying to figure out how to take advantage of the anticipated growth in emerging areas like voice search, there is a much easier search medium that seems to be underutilized: image search. According to Rand Fishkin’s analysis of Jumpshot and Moz data, image search on Google is the second most highly used search platform behind Google.

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  • An easy quarterly plan for local link building

    … Summer conference season is in full swing, and this month I’m stepping off Greg’s Soapbox to share some in-depth knowledge. With the release of the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors and several studies, local SEO sessions are all pushing the importance of building local links. Even when tips are shared that explain how to get great links…

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  • Semantic Search: What it Means for SEO in 2017

    … more, then we’ll give Google a break: You get the idea. We’ve come an awfully long way from the exact keyword matching of just a few years ago. Furthermore, all of this serves an important illustrative purpose and it’s one that matters for anyone that wants to rank via SEO in 2017. Why does it matter for brands? The technology that underpins…

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  • What marketers need to know about addressable TV and OLV

    … demographics identify as digital-first media consumers. Traditional TV is often not at the top of their list. While many big brands still utilize traditional TV as their primary means of driving awareness, it is important for marketers to understand the reach and opportunity presenting itself through Online Video (OLV) and addressable TV and how…

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  • Using Meta Keywords Tag Not a Google Spam Signal

    … Using Meta Keywords Tag Not a Google Spam Signal July 17, 2017 at 6:02 am PST By Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment We have known for some time that Google ignores keywords placed within the meta keywords tag, something Google officially announced back in 2009, as it was something that was heavily spammed many, many years ago. But what about…

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  • Google’s Product Bid for DIY Wallet Share

    In this regular Street Fight feature, local marketing gurus David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal kick around some of the biggest ideas affecting the local search ecosystem and the broader industry. Send us an email or leave a comment if you have specific topics that you’d like them to touch on in future columns! David: Hey Mike, hope you had a great Fourth of July.

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  • 3 Things Marketing Managers Aren’t Telling Their CEO

    I am so frustrated with social media marketers. They think that Facebook is the only marketing channel, Snapchat is brand attention nirvana and spending money on influencers with 10,000 followers on Instagram is a good investment. Most people want quick wins and so the Facebook advertising tactics to amplify their brand and get attention are invested in. Nothing wrong with that.

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  • Are You Making These Blunders When Optimizing Your Website?

    Many bloggers think in order to rank high within the SERP’s you have to build authority external links relevant to your website. Bloggers are so caught up in this notion they forget how On-Page SEO and other factors play a huge role in their success. If you do a quick search in Google for “boost rank to page 1 in Google” you’ll notice the top “3” results all talk about keyword ...

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