• Everything You Need To Know About Semantic Search And What It Means for Your Website

    “Semantic search” is probably a term that you’ve heard thrown around. If you’re like me, terms like that can cause a little bit of worry. What is semantic search? What role does it play in SEO? What exactly is changing? Should I be worried? In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know about semantic search and SEO. Worries and uncertainties be gone! And don’t worry.

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  • 4 Search Advertising Trends To Watch

    At this time of year, it’s worthwhile to consider what’s likely to occur in search advertising in 2016, so you can adjust your strategy if you’re behind the curve. I took some time to look at the trends we’re seeing at Bing Ads, where I work. Based on unprecedented access to search data, observing advertiser adoption patterns and gauging client interest, here are some predic ...

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  • New Ways to Use the SEO Tools in Your Toolbox

    We know: You like 2-3 SEO tools, you get used to how they work and nothing compares to them. But what about all the rest out there? There are other SEO tools, and they do great things for other SEO people. I want to share with you some of the personal SEO tools that we use and how we use them. We are pretty creative with how we utilize some of them and hope some of the ways ou ...

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  • Google Testing Recipe-Type Thumbnails Without Markup in Search Results

    When we see recipe related thumbnails in the search results, we are used to seeing Google displaying a recipe related thumbnail when displaying recipe results with the schema markup. But Google appears to be testing showing thumbnails for food related articles which don’t have any recipe schema markup on the page. Ross Hudgens was the first to spot the test.

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  • To Fight Radicalism In The UK, Google’s Giving Away Free Ads

    A story coming out of the UK today suggested that Google might be preparing to alter search results, triggered by “extremist” queries, and “divert” users to anti-extremist or anti-radical content and sites instead. Fighting extremism is desirable but the notion of altering search content to serve political objectives is a troubling prospect. Fortunately that’s not what’s happening.

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  • Live Webcast: The Click-To-Call Playbook For Facebook Ads

    Nearly 80% of Facebook ad revenue is mobile, and thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, Facebook and social ads will drive more than 12 billion calls to U.S. businesses this year. How can you leverage the exploding mobile opportunity in Facebook advertising to drive more calls and sales? Thursday, February 25th, join Rachel Malone-Olson, of aimClear, and DialogTech’s Blai ...

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  • Client-Based Or Task-Based? Structuring Your Link Team

    … again, but I’m content with the way we’re all working together. I can see everything that my team does, from the sites they are thinking about contacting to the full negotiation emails, and I like being able to personally sign off on everything that goes out our door. Today, I’d like to talk about the major pros and cons of structuring link-building…

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  • 1 Hour SEO Audit Challenge: Sarabeth’s

    … of schema somewhere on their site. This is great to see, because schema can be a massive asset for any business and is still one of the most severely lacking elements we see on sites in terms of SEO. Particularly for our previous two audits, Dollar Shave Club and Veuve Cliquot, there was at least a bit of information in their branded search engine…

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  • 10 Local Link Building Tips For 2016

    The conference season has kicked in already, and I’ve been overwhelmed with how many businesses have been asking for more local link building tips. I wrote a post here last spring about local links, but it was more focused on sharing the importance of local links. This time, I’m here with actual down and dirty tips.

    Greg Gifford/ Marketing Land- 26 readers -
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