• Test Your Knowledge Of SEO

    Attend Our Conferences The largest search marketing conference and expo returns to San Jose March 1-3. Learn more about SMX West! Or attend an SMX near you. See all the dates and locations. L ...

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  • What Is Your SEO Learning Program?

    … I’m fond of saying that no single detail of SEO is that complex. The problem is that there are hundreds of details you must learn, and you must learn how they all work together. Then there is the fact that much of how SEO works is simply not common public domain knowledge, so there is no way to learn large parts of it except through experience…

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  • Infographic: Agency Vs. In-House

    This article was originally published on SteamFeed.com The average consumer goes through six different online channels before he or she makes a purchase. And these channels are only increasing. To stay on top of the ever-growing online marketing landscape, business owners are turning to a blended approach, creating multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

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  • Bing Now Powers AOL Search: What Advertisers Need To Know

    The move is now official: Bing has taken over serving search results and ads for AOL from Google. Initially announced in June 2015, the 10-year deal effects all AOL search traffic worldwide and on all devices. For more details on what this means in terms of market share, be sure to read Greg Sterling’s coverage on Search Engine Land.

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  • 25 Digital Marketing News Sources You NEED to Be Reading

    To say that the digital marketing industry moves rapidly would be a considerable understatement. With everyone moving fast and breaking things, it’s easy to fall behind on the news that really matters. With that in mind, I’ve gathered 25 of what I consider essential sources of the latest marketing news.

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  • Learn how Over Optimization can kill your website

    Never Worry About Your Websites Optimization Ever Again! Over optimization occurs whenever you have taken it upon yourself to go “above and beyond” the normal means of optimization. This is a problem for many different reasons, but that’s something we’ll get into a little later on down the road – we don’t want to jump the gun, now do we!? If you’re a webmaster that’s looking t ...

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  • Using AMP? Google Search Console Looking for Beta Testers

    Using AMP? Google Search Console Looking for Beta Testers January 5, 2016 by Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment Are you using AMP or are planning to start? John Mueller posted that he is looking for beta testers for AMP features in Google Search Console. John Mueller posted on both Twitter and Google+ asking for testers of the new features.

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  • AOL Begins to Use Bing Search & Bing Ads for Search Results

    AOL Begins to Use Bing Search & Bing Ads for Search Results January 5, 2016 by Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment AOL has officially switched over their search results and ads to Bing search results with Bing Ads advertising as of January 1, 2016. The deal, which was officially announced back in June 2015, is expected to increase the reach of both their search and their paid ads.

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  • How Does One Find Good SEO Services

    … standards throughout the entire SEO process is a critical decision to make. It is also important to note that there are no standard rules or guidelines for SEO as there are no official governing bodies or institutions that will verify the authenticity of SEO practitioners. To add to that, the web is an open industry. So anyone could offer services…

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  • CEO David Greenbaum Shares His Point of View on Search Engine Land

    Last month, David Greenbaum spoke with Optmyzr co-founder Frederick Vallaeys and Search Engine Land about about the reasons why ad text fatigue sets in and what advertisers can do to keep ads engaging. David and Frederick continued their conversation this month, with David sharing his point of view about relying on SEM data insights to write more impactful ads this holiday season.

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