• AJ Kohn: When Is SEO Not SEO? The #DMEShow Podcast – Episode 1

    The Digital Marketing Excellence Show is now a podcast! The original DMEShow, now over 30 episodes in, is a weekly live Google+ Hangout On Air show where Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge interviews the top thought leaders and ground breakers in digital marketing. And now it’s a podcast, so you can listen to each episode at your convenience, in your car, during your work ...

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  • WordPress SEO Premium 1.2

    As I announced yesterday on the Dradcast, we released a new version of WordPress SEO premium. This is another feature packed update with a lot of things people had been asking us for. Let me go through the list of new features: Import redirects from your .htaccess file If you have a lot of redirects in your .

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  • Report: Google Losing Share Of Mobile Search Ad Market

    Data aggregator and prognosticator eMarketer is out with a new mobile advertising forecast that shows Google losing share of the mobile search ad market. The company says that apps are taking their toll on Google's mobile ad dominance. The firm says that US mobile advertising in total will be $17.73 billion this year. That would mark huge growth over the $7.

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  • 5 Ways To Gauge Authority In The Search Results

    Let’s pretend for a moment that NBC’s Today Show wants to do a story on politics in the Middle East. For some odd reason the producers can choose to have either me, or General Colin Powell on as a guest. Can you guess who they are likely to pick? Despite the fact that I have a degree in political science with a concentration in international politics, they will always pick Colin Powell over me.

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  • 941% Traffic Increase Exploiting the Synonyms SEO Ranking Technique

    If two terms are used essentially interchangeably, does Google realize that the terms are interchangeable? Should you be trying to use both terms, or just focus on one term to get the best search engine traffic? An example is EMR and EHR techguy, Las Vegas Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: http://groups.google.com/a/googlep ...

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  • Google Adds Street View Tours Of World Cup Stadiums

    … With the World Cup just a week away, Google has expanded its Street View imagery to coincide with the biggest sporting event on earth. Available today is new imagery inside all 12 stadiums that will be used during the tournament. You can do a 360-degree spin from the center of the pitch, or move your view anywhere on the field and even…

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