• Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company

    Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company Jeremy Schoemaker April 13, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 I just talked to a very reliable source that Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOMOZ / MOZ, is being forced out of his company by the board of directors. Thats the double edge sword of raising $29.1M. Expect a statement from them shortly from them with a nice spin to it on his exit.

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  • How to Optimize User Experience While Maintaining a Killer SEO Strategy

    … experience. Without a solid online user experience, users will be leaving your website and this will in-turn send negative signals to search engines likes Google. Like a never-ending life cycle, online user experience and SEO work together to make sure that people get to your website and stay once they have arrived. User experience and SEO working…

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  • How to Teach SEO to your Staff and your Clients Simultaneously

    … A large part of an SEO’s job is to teach. After all, it’s pretty difficult to have a client pay you if they don’t understand what they’re paying for. During your SEO career, you’re going to have your fair share of clients who signed up with this mindset: If my main keyword ranks #1, I will get more business. As long as they take me from page 5…

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  • Free Keyword Research with Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest

    There are quite a few free keyword research tools out there. However, I think I have found a pretty awesome combination tool that makes keyword research really easy and within a few minutes you generate a giant list of keywords with some data on search volume and average CPC (cost per click). First, let’s take a look at why keyword research is import and then let’s take a look ...

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  • 10 New SEO & Content Marketing Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence

    … Original source: 10 New SEO & Content Marketing Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence via DailySEOblog. At one point, we’d all joke around and poke fun at anyone who’d throw in AI and Machine Learning into their talks, just to make it sound authoritative. Those days are gone. Look around. AI is everywhere. It’s the future. Marketers can…

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  • A deep look at Google’s biggest-ever search quality crisis

    … The past few months have been bad for Google’s search reputation. Long considered the “gold standard” in search, Google has seen its search results questioned as never before. It’s a body blow to a core service that should be safe as Google tries to grow in new directions. Recovering from that blow isn’t easy. What’s happened to Google search…

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  • New unconfirmed Google ‘Fred’ update shakes the SEO world

    Since yesterday morning, the SEO industry has been watching an unconfirmed Google ranking update that has been going on for the past 24+ hours. This update has been named the Fred update and it seems to target more of the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm. We’ve seen more chatter and changes from within the “black hat” SEO community versus the “white hat” SEO com ...

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