• Island Records sees Facebook AR effects as a way to repair organic reach

    Most marketers believe organic reach on Facebook is dead. But Claire Mas, head of digital at music label Island Records, believes augmented reality could give Facebook organic reach a new lease on life. The record label is open to spending more on Facebook’s AR camera effects after its first two attempts, which collectively attracted over 1 million users, exceeded its marketer ...

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  • How Sprout Social Helped Me Become a Better Social Media Manager

    25601340 As you probably know, something exciting happened at the end of last year. Thanks for the warm welcome, @sproutsocial! Excited to be a part of the family. A post shared by Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) on Dec 6, 2017 at 11:58am PST We were acquired by Sprout Social! Since we were acquired, I’ve had access to Sprout’s amazing publishing tool.

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  • 14 Exciting New Things to Try on Social Media in 2018

    Each new year signals a new beginning—especially when it comes to your social media strategy. If you try new things on social this year that other brands aren’t doing, you have a much better chance of surprising your audience and engaging them. We’ve outlined all the major updates and new features for each of the major networks so you can incorporate them into your social mark ...

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  • Twitter Marketing: The Five Strategies to Know to Get the Results You Want

    Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has seen a major transformation. What began as an SMS-based communications platform designed primarily for mobile use is now a major player in the digital marketing industry – and for good reason. When leveraged strategically, Twitter allows companies around the world the opportunity to connect with legions of brand advocates in just a few short sentences.

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  • SEO Competitor Analysis | The Complete Framework to Analyze Your Competition

    Knowing how to analyze your SEO competition is an important step in determining your overall keyword and SEO strategy. There are many factors involved in the process, and without the correct framework, it can get complicated. This SEO Competitor Analysis Template will guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to deploy a comprehensive analysis.

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  • Your Annual Social Media Conferences Guide: 20+ Top Conferences to Attend in 2018

    Social media conferences are one of the best ways to learn from top practitioners in the field, connect with fellow social media marketers, and be inspired to do more great things on social media. But how do you know which one to attend? We hope to make things easier for you with this go-to guide for social media conferences in 2018.

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  • Facebook to worried marketers: Get users to mark you as ‘see first’

    Facebook may have told the world it is pushing brands out of its news feed, but it is giving them a workaround behind closed doors. Facebook is trying to appease advertisers that have voiced concerns by pointing them toward an existing “see first” feature in news-feed settings that Facebook claims could improve their organic reach.

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  • With Facebook emphasizing community, marketers are trying out Facebook Groups

    As Facebook deprioritizes publisher content and potentially makes brand advertising more important, agency buyers are increasingly pitching Facebook groups to advertisers. Facebook launched “Groups for Pages” over the summer, which enabled Pages to make groups or simply get them linked. Facebook says about a billion people use groups every month.

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  • How To Really Make Money with YouTube

    On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I show you how to make big money with YouTube, even if you’ve been removed from the YT Partner Program (95% of YouTube channels are being removed). I also take delivery of my new $5,000 Life Fitness Elliptical Cross-Trainer! How To Live The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle I have many internet products and services that makes me mon ...

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  • 10 Awesome Headlines that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers

    Creating headlines that drive traffic and attracts readers is part art with a dose of science. If you don’t learn how to write a good headline then the chances are you will have trouble attracting traffic to your website or blog. In a digital economy that can cost sales, because you need readers to turn up to buy your goods and services.

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  • ✅ The Ultimate New Website Launch Checklist+

    So, you’re finally finished creating your new website? Getting ready to send it out in the world? To help you get through this daunting project here is ‘The Ultimate New Website Launch’ checklist. This list presumes that you have a basic understanding of coding and SEO. There are notes to point you in the right direction, and Google is there to help you fill any other knowledge gaps.

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