• How to Make Paid Search & Social Media Marketing Work Together

    Life is all about choices. Do we side with the Montagues or the Capulets? Do we prefer to eat ice cream, French fries, or waffles? Should we get a cat, a dog, or maybe a fish? Overwhelmed by abundant choices, people often end up opting for one thing– and stick with it. That's why you see so many experts in online marketing specializing in one approach.

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  • The Importance of Sobriety for Social Media Managers

    … Social media managers hold a tremendous amount of responsibility and power. They are in a unique role in that they are the online face of an employer and brand before millions of people. Social media managers are responsible for the social media presences of the entities that employ them. Their responsibilities include monitoring, posting…

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  • How Many Social Media Accounts Does Your Company Need?

    By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist There’s often a debate over social media accounts; larger companies frequently feel they need a local presence for every office. But is that a smart strategy? When it comes to a global versus local debate, who should win? Let’s discuss. The Case For Global Social Media Accounts When it comes to social media accounts, ...

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  • The Size and Importance of the Social Media Analytics Market in 2017

    … The fact is that social media are growing at a rapid pace. While they grow, their importance grows too. For both individuals and businesses, social media platforms have become an important asset in their marketing campaigns. To leverage the popularity and influence of social media, one has to take advantage of social media analytic tools. Thanks…

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  • Social Media Gets the Local Spending Growth, Partly by Default

    Social media marketing remains the biggest target for increased spending, both by small local merchants and enterprise marketers supporting their local branches and distributors, according to Street Fight survey analysis. It is widely used, and deemed effective, particularly by SMBs. But when you dig deeper, it looks like most local marketers are using social media as substitu ...

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  • Content Conversations: Top Content Marketing Lessons Learned in 2017

    One of the best ways to improve your skills as a content marketer is to learn from the successes and failures of other marketers. And as we near the end of 2017, many marketers are reflecting on what has (and hasn’t) worked in the past year and looking to what this means for content goals and plans for the coming year.

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  • How to Use Instagram Stories Analytics

    25601440 Instagram Stories is a recent addition to Instagram’s portfolio of content options. With Instagram Stories you can share what’s happening throughout your day via photos, Boomerangs, and videos. What makes stories different? They can only be viewed within 24 hours of posting. That’s right, that photo you snapped will disappear from your story in 24 hours.

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  • How to Optimize Tweets for More Blog Traffic

    1024512 2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Download If you use Twitter in your marketing strategy, you undoubtedly spend hours carefully crafting generous numbers of tweets for your brand. Twitter, being the fastest-paced social network, requires us to engage with our audience often throughout the entire day. Why? In the past second, 7,803 tweets were sent.

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  • Attraction Marketing Boot Camp Starts on November 27th

    … disappointed, but I was left feeling inadequate, like a total loser. I felt like I was failing in my ability to be a positive role model for my kids, to lead by example… because, no matter how hard I tried (for over 5 years!), I couldn’t succeed in my business. And then one day everything shifted for me. In Entered My introduction to Attraction Marketing. I…

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