• What Facebook Watch Will Mean for Marketers

      It was only a matter of time. Just like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix before it, Facebook has officially entered the video streaming game. What is Facebook Watch, and what does it mean for you your marketing strategy? What is Facebook Watch? Launched in August 2017 to select users in the U.S. via mobile, desktop and TV apps, Facebook Watch is the company’s entrée into episodic streaming video.

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    • Confessions of an Instagram influencer: Brands just want big numbers

      Influencers have a fraud problem. Some social media stars, typically those with 100,000 or fewer followers, are known to use bots to artificially inflate their engagement. For the latest installment in our Confessions series, where we trade anonymity for candor, we talked to an Instagram fashion influencer who’s fed up with the practice. Our conversation has been lightly edited.

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    • 6 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Social Right Now

      Social media moves fast—what’s cool on Monday might be passé by Wednesday afternoon. So here’s a list of things you should avoid doing on social to keep your channels 💯—people still say keep it 💯, right? Bonus: Download our free guide that shows you how to 10X your social media performance and beat your competitors.

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  • Facebook Targeted Jew Haters in Ads

    When a company like Facebook needs to take action based on their user’s data, it is impossible for a human to go through and analyze everything in an efficient way. This is why computer algorithms are so important for the success of many digital companies. While these algorithms can help companies make billions of dollars, they can also get them in trouble, which seems to be ...

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  • Adding Facebook Ad Block Lists

    September 19, 2017 If you’re new to Facebook, you’ll see familiar placement options to show your ads (Facebook, Instagram, & Messenger) along with Facebook’s Audience Network (think Google’s Display Network). The Audience Network places your ads can show across different websites who have opted into the audience network along with instant articles and video.

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  • Role of Social Media in Mobile App Marketing

    Marketing is not like a piece of cake, done easily and effortlessly. Convenient, flexible and yet effective marketing – is it possible? Well, yes it is. Haven’t you been on social media? Haven’t you seen people promoting their thing over there? Well, exactly my point, you can do that too. Social media is a great platform and when you are in the digital field like mobile applica ...

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  • What’s a Good Quality Score for Each Type of Keyword?

    When it comes to Quality Score everyone wants a 10. But for certain types of keywords, that’s about as likely as WordStream doubling my salary to drink bourbon and grill dry-aged ribeyes on a veranda overlooking Lake Winnipesauke. We can dream, but it ain’t gonna happen. You see, when you add a new keyword to your account, Google automatically assigns it a starting Quality Score of 6.

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  • Baby Boomers are the Audience Most Advertisers are Missing on YouTube

    I admit that I’m a Baby Boomer. And I confess that I’ve been writing about video marketing for more than a decade. But, despite these two facts, I was still surprised to read the counter-intuitive findings in the Strike Social Data Report entitled, “YouTube’s generational divide.” This report examines a year’s worth of YouTube data across 25 industries in the U.S.

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  • 5 tips to create a data-driven content marketing strategy

    Content marketing has become the secret weapon in a successful marketing strategy, with brands using different types of content to add value and grab their audience’s attention. It has become more important than ever to market with intent, using content and SEO to raise awareness, engage and convert.

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  • 6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Social Media Marketing Goals

    In today’s digital landscape, chances are social media is a vital piece of your marketing mix. After all, people live on social platforms these days and projections show that worldwide social media users will surpass 3 billion by 2021. But as brands and marketers fight for visibility in crowded, “algorithm-enhanced” news feeds, how many of you are actually reaching your strat ...

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  • How to Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience

    Is your content on YouTube? Have you considered taking your content global? In this article, you’ll discover how to expand your reach and influence on YouTube by optimizing your videos for viewers who speak different languages. by Thomas Martin on Social Media Examiner. Reveal Your Ideal International Audiences You may assume that all of your YouTube videos are being vie ...

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