• 4 Important Ways Homebuilders Benefit from Inbound Marketing Software

    Home builders are constantly looking for an edge to stay competitive in the industry. Finding qualified leads and converting sales is the highest priority for builders and REALTORs. That’s why we at Paveya have developed the inbound marketing process for home builders. Inbound marketing for home builders is a step-by-step system focused on attracting prospects to your company a ...

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  • Top 3 Video SEO Influencers on YouTube Right Now [Creators Tip #147]

    There are many things that influence how well a video ranks in search results, but watch time, audience retention, and viewer session are perhaps three that influence video SEO the most. In this video I share the difference between each of these three ranking factors and how they work. VISIT REELSEO.com FOR TONS MORE VIDEO NEWS & TIPS http://www.reelseo.

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  • Digital PR: Build Those Bridges Don’t Burn Them!

    … Public relations is all about building bridges: between ideas and people, brands and people, and people and other people. Everything we work to accomplish in PR today has its foundation in building bridges and relationships. Not in burning them. Yet, focusing only on the tools we use in digital PR and setting aside basic common sense…

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  • Twitter Snaps Up Live-TV Clipping Platform SnappyTV

    Twitter announced today that it is acquiring SnappyTV, a live-TV clipping service that enables broadcasters to quickly create snippets of live events to share on social media. Launched in 2010, San Francisco-based SnappyTV makes it dead simple for video producers and rights holders to create near real-time clips and distribute them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumb ...

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  • 10 Facebook Contests that Captured 10,000 Emails

    … for ways to market her new business in a quick and easy way. Creating a website would cost her about $900, too expensive. Instead, she turned to creating a Facebook page because it was free and would allow her new business to have a home. When Faith was in college, she interned at a marketing department where she learned the power of email marketing…

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  • How TechSmith Optimizes YouTube Custom Thumbnails For Viewers

    Optimizing a YouTube channel is like building a brick house, you need a lot of bricks, and while it seems okay to leave one of two out, doing so can have a big impact. Optimizing and creating a system for your thumbnails is one of these bricks - and ultimately, it might not seem to have a big impact, but from my experience, it's part of the cumulative building that's essential.

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  • A.1. Proves That Clever Posts Work On Facebook

    … on "the book" — yes? Post by A.1. Original Sauce. Brands on Facebook: How are you creatively advertising on the social network? And if you're not, you should be. Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, business advisor, and online-marketing professional. In 2013, he founded TheMail.com. He is a columnist for Entrepreneur …

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  • Infographic: Paid reach on Facebook getting more expensive

    As page admins have known for quite a while, Facebook’s organic reach is becoming more elusive. But a study by digital marketing agency Flightpath shows that the paid reach of Facebook ads is getting increasingly expensive. Flightpath tracked the CPM of its three biggest clients, finding that paid reach has grown from roughly $3 in February to more than $10 this month.

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  • 10 stellar examples of NASA’s social media strategy

    It’s not all just gob-smacking pictures of intergalactic phenomena and breathtaking rocket launches, you know. Well alright, a lot of it is, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (apologies for the condescension pub-quiz fans) goes far beyond mere image re-appropriation from its vast archives.

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  • How Google Authorship will Continue to Change the Search Paradigm: Slideshow

    … from their end who wrote the piece. The two sides match up resulting in bi-directional verification that an article was indeed authored by a specific person. So what? Google can now decipher the ‘who’ behind content, and this sets us up for a transformational moment in the organic search paradigm. How Google Authorship will continue to change the search paradigm from iAcquire What’s your take on Google Authorship and its impact on search? …

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