• YouTube is Changing: What That Means for Brands TODAY

    A very wise man, William Bernard Ziff, Jr, once said, "We pay too much attention to events and not enough to trends." I worked for him in the early 1990s as the director of corporate communications at Ziff-Davis and I've tried pay heed to his astute observation ever since. Perhaps, this explains why I'm always on the lookout for new trends that are flying just below the radar ...

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  • 7 Ways To Promote Your Latest Blog Post

    Hey there! Kim Roach here and welcome to the very first episode of the 10-Minute Marketing Show. Where we help entrepreneurs build a life and business they love in just 10 minutes per day. Every episode will be rapid-fire. 10-minutes of actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business.

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  • Paywast – Afghan Social Media Takes Off

    Today we honor the men and women who have given life or limb for our country. For more than a decade, those lives were given in Afghanistan, where part of the mission was to take control from the Taliban, and establish a central government over a nation that has historically been ruled by rival warlords.

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  • Attract and Keep Customers with Chris Brogan’s ‘Freaky’ Concepts

    … not to get stuck on channels or platforms. The key to creating a monchu and finding new content topics is to share relevant content where and when the monchu wants it, which can mean a newsletter, a podcast, a blog, video, or a social network like Instagram, Pinterest, or Vine. Want to learn more about how to use freaky marketing to attract and keep customers? View the webinar now! Images: AngryJulieMonday (Creative Commons) …

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  • How to Find Influencers on Twitter

    … of work upfront to identify who these influencers are. Of course, we have some tools that will help! The idea for this post came from my friend Ramon De Leon 1. Twtrland Twtrland is a powerful tool for analyzing Twitter accounts (and other social networks are now supported). It divides people into over 40,000 categories so you can really distil…

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  • 6 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

    … eyes. What do you think? Have you attracted new Pinterest followers? Do you have other ideas to share? We’d love to hear your experience and advice in the comments! Tweet Tags: pinterest, pinterest account, pinterest analytics, pinterest board, pinterest follow button, pinterest image optimization, pinterest marketing, pinterest marketing strategy, pinterest strategy, pinterest tip, pinterest web analytics, pinterest widget, rich pin, zoe waldron …

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  • 10 Free Twitter Tools For All Your Twitter Marketing Needs

    Choosing Free Twitter Tools Twitter released fresh new features of the Twitter redesign a month ago. The new design include features that help you understand your tweet’s performances right on the Twitter homepage. These are features such as popular tweets differentiated by size and ‘Tweets and Replies’ that help furnish your customer support via Twitter.

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  • 6 Simple Tips to Grow a Large Email List

    When I was 18, I sold one of my blogs – and it paid for two years of college. Want to know what I’ve learned from writing three “successful” blogs and dozens of smaller efforts? Out of everything I’ve done to build my blogs, one stands out as the most powerful by far: email lists. Nothing is as potent as a large, targeted, responsive email list of engaged followers.

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  • 4 Car Brands Who Are Driving Instagram Video Success

    Although the image-to-video ratio is still high, there are a number of brands who are using Instagram to connect with their audience via original, or repurposed, 15-second video content. Those strict timelines have forced marketing teams and creators to be inventive, and responsive to their target audience - 15 seconds doesn't sound like a long time but viewers will still ba ...

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  • Make Use of Twitter Trends

    Make Use of Twitter Trends Relevance is the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing. You have to be relevant in your promotional campaigns and messages. They also have to be as close to real time updates as possible. In the age of the dinosaurs, you had to be vigil and alert for those trends to show up on the horizon and then figure out your strategies accordingly.

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  • YouTube Redesigns CTA Ads, Adds New Features to Video Ad Reporting

    In its ongoing effort to improve the way CTA advertising performs on the site, and also the way that advertisers can access their reporting data for those ads, YouTube has implemented a new design for its call-to-action overlay video ads. The old two lines of text has been replaced with just the one line, making the ad more compact, and less intrusive for the viewer.

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  • Social Media Not Converting? This Is What Does.

    … many more organic or AdWords clicks your listings get because someone knows about you from social media, or blogs, or any other source. MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA What you can do is measure increased traffic and sales using the social media measurement timelines method explained by Olivier Blanchard @TheBrandBuilder and apply some common sense. If more…

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