• 5 Cool Ways to use Instagram for Business Marketing

    5 Cool Ways to use Instagram for Business Marketing Posted by April Sunshine Hawkins on Mar 17, 2014 in Instagram Instagram is a photo sharing app that you can use to promote your business. What makes it fun is the effects that you can use to crank your brand a notch. Other than of course taking pictures of your product, there are other ways to get your audience hooked or m ...

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  • 3 Facebook Advertising Tools That will Save You Significant Time and Money

    Facebook advertising can be a hugely effective way to reach your target market, build brand loyalty and drive people to your website. Facebook has been working hard at making it easier for users to start advertising too: Facebook Ads Manager has become far more user friendly, and Facebook Power Editor gives users more options and makes setting up multi-ad and duplicate-ad campaigns easier.

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  • Keep Visitors Coming Back

    Facebook. A mobile phone. Email. How often do you check them? Many of us have developed habits around these services. The triggers that help create these habits can be baked in to the design of websites. The obvious benefit of doing so is that if you create habits in your users, then you’re less reliant on new search visitors for traffic.

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  • LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform: Pros, Cons and Generating more Content

    LinkedIn has decided to jump into the content marketing deep end. Last month, the company announced that it’s opening up its publishing platform to all members. The Richard Branson’s of the world will no longer have the monopoly on creating long form content on the site. As of right now, the network is rolling out access to its publishing platform slowly with only a small fra ...

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  • How To Advertise On Facebook – Revealing My Facebook Marketing Strategy

    I have spent a fair amount of time learning how to advertise on Facebook properly with lead generation in mind as part of my wider social media marketing strategy. I’ve spent a good chunk of cash experimenting with this and today I’m going to share everything I have learnt with you step by step! What You Will Learn The full details of my 2,691% & 2,851% ROI Facebook cam ...

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  • The Powerful Twitter Tactic 73% of You Aren’t Using

    Some things are so simple they end up getting ignored. Sometimes, though, these simple strategies that end up getting ignored are so powerful that the fact that they’re getting ignored warrants a blog post. This is that blog post. In the past two weeks, I gave the same Twitter recommendation to three of our clients.

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  • 11 Free Online Tools for Blogging and Social Media Marketing

    There are many tools available online, which can let you track, monitor, automate or help you in any other way during your social media marketing campaign. May be you need to know the trends of the moment and you want an inspiring idea to create your next blog post or you want to manage one of your social media account, automating some process that otherwise will take you a bi ...

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  • Branding & Hashtag Hijacking Contest – St. Patrick’s Day

    … Blogging super hero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and all around great guy. Subscribe to our newsletter and enjoy tips from several pro bloggers. TwitterFacebookGoogle+ The post Branding & Hashtag Hijacking Contest – St. Patrick’s Day appeared first on Blogging Tips For Bloggers - Learn how to blog…

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  • 3 Ways to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

    Every day I get emails from new readers of the blog and people from all around the world that want to start making money online. The funny thing about affiliate marketing is that 99% of people will have no idea what you are talking about if you mention it in everyday life, yet it’s a completely legitimate business model and not a shady MLM or fly-by-night scam that you will see ...

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  • Twitter Ads are Evolving – Get Yours Now!

    For the past several years, our firm has had a tendency to discard Twitter advertising in favor of other social media marketing plans. Facebook was the leader for consumer goods, whereas LinkedIn had great options for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales. However, recent changes to the Twitter advertising platform have caused us to take another look at what the social network ...

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