• How to Boost the Credibility of Your LinkedIn Profile Fast

    … People are becoming extremely skeptical about everything online. Several factors such as the rise of fake news and online frauds have contributed to this. Hence, if you want to use social media to drive engagement, traffic, and sales, you need to take steps to boost your profile’s credibility. One social network in particular where you should…

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  • 236: 5 Areas to Focus on to Grow Your Blogging Income

    Growing Your Blog’s Income In today’s episode, I want to talk about growing your blogging income, particularly when you’ve already started building some traffic and income streams on your blog. This one will be most relevant if you’re at an intermediate to more advanced level. If you’re just starting out you’ll learn things that may not be relevant for you today, but will be g ...

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  • News UK to advertisers: Run your Facebook ads on our sites

    News UK has come up with a novel way to compete with Facebook: Encourage advertisers to run Facebook ads on News properties like The Sun and The Times. It’s doing this through a tool that lets advertisers upload the creative assets they would typically post to social platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  • How to Use Pinterest & Instagram for PPC Research

    One of my favorite tasks to undertake is research about a new industry, client or market. Of course, I utilize the search engines to their fullest extent. But I have found that there is a lot more information out there that can be gained from utilizing social in your efforts. Here are some ways that I have found useful to gain insights about my clients’ industries, their competitors and more.

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  • Musical.ly and NBC Olympics Put Influencers in Charge of Telling Olympic Stories

    Musical.ly Teams Up with NBC Olympics to Provide New Experiences for Musers In a February 15th press release, Musical.ly, a popular global video community, announced that they would be teaming up with NBC Olympics to develop new content that will give users unique, behind the scenes glimpses into the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. NBC Olympics and Musical.

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  • Inside Vans’ social media strategy

    … understands its focus on subcultures over the mainstream could be an advantage. WeChat is Vans’ biggest social network in China and has become a staple in Vans’ marketing for most of the decade Vans has been there. Vans has had great success with publishing content on the app, said Nick Street, vp of global integrated marketing for Vans, whose team…

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  • 5 Simple But Effective Visual Marketing Tools

    … There are so many visual marketing tools out there that it is turning what used to be a rather arduous task into a simple process anyone can do in half the time. No one has a single excuse for why they aren’t implementing visuals of all kinds into they social media and website content. It is just so easy these days, and it takes hardly any effort…

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  • Pinterest Lens one year on: Where is Pinterest’s visual search tool now?

    … It’s been a year since Pinterest announced the launch of Lens, its new visual search tool. How has it evolved since then? When Pinterest Lens launched in 2017, it was the latest – and boldest – step in Pinterest’s evolution from a visual social network into a powerful visual search tool. Pinterest knew that there was great potential to blend…

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