• 20 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos

    … I switched on the Television last night very briefly and I can now see why Facebook is so popular! There was nothing to watch. Now I don’t have cable or Satellite TV, so that was maybe part of the problem, but there is a method in my madness…it minimizes the temptation to sit in front of the “idiot box” and so allows me more time for reading…

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  • How To Create Insanely Successful Video Content for Under $100

    It’s official. Video marketing isn’t just an optional extra for savvy marketers anymore – it’s a major piece of the content marketing puzzle. People want to engage with content that is more memorable and less intrusive – and that’s where video content is ahead of the curve. If you’re unsure about whether you should use video in your marketing strategy, consider the following ...

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  • Social Media Trends That Will Be Thriving in 2018

    … In 2017 it has become even more obvious that the future of online marketing is bright because the latest technologies have enabled marketers to reach unprecedented numbers of potential clients. The number of social media users was also rising in 2017, which resulted in an increased number of brands that decided to advertise on social media…

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  • How Social Media Can Help Your Event Marketing Strategy

    … Social media platforms have become indispensable for building brand awareness, boosting online presence, and expanding your customer base. There is no longer a question of whether you should use it in your event marketing strategy anymore. It can be complicated to navigate the evolving social media landscape, but if you carefully plan your…

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  • How Your Website’s Theme Affects SEO & Rankings

    …, but also comes clogged up with many problems. After an easy 5 minutes install process, one of the first things most people want to do is customize the aspect of their new website. This isn’t hard to do. But how does the website’s theme influence your rankings and your overall SEO? Why and How Do Themes Affect SEO? Ugly Design Can Scare Users…

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  • ‘We had to pull all of our ads off YouTube’: Marketers sound off on brand safety

    It’s a scary time for marketers: Somewhere in the depths of YouTube, your brand’s campaign ad could be the pre-roll video playing before an ISIS video. Brand safety was a top-of-mind topic at the Digiday Marketing Summit, taking place this week in the Bahamas. Marketers got together to discuss the right mode of action to take when a programmatic ad surfaces on a polarizing sit ...

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  • How The Times of London is using Facebook groups to drive subscriptions

    The Times of London is experimenting with Facebook groups dedicated to specific topics in order to attract new readers and ultimately convert them into subscribers. Over the last six months, the News UK-owned title has started three Facebook groups. The first, Brexit-focused 52 | 48, launched in April and has over 1,300 members.

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  • How to Promote a New Blog with a Commenting Tribe

    NOTE: Even though I wrote this post, as well as used the commenting tribe strategy, quite a while ago (when I first started Traffic Generation Café), I still think this strategy is every bit as effective today as it was back then. Looking back at the start of my blog this past July, I am completely blown away with how fast it’s grown.

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  • Facebook Watch Time: 15 Ways to Increase Views and Engagement

    For a huge number of media publishers and brands uploading video content to Facebook, increasing the Watch Time of those videos has become one of the most important metrics to track. Fortunately, Facebook seems to have figured out what gets more eyeballs on your video content and has confirmed that 48% of watch time on Facebook videos comes directly from shares.

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