• How to Build Your Brand Successfully Through Guest Blogging

    The power of guest blogging can be massive for building brand awareness and generating traffic. However, it’s important you know how to effectively find guest blogging opportunities so you achieve your bottom line. I suggest to everyone starting a blog to focus on building a brand because it’ll help you achieve much more going down the line.

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  • Are You Crushing Your Business Social Media Use?

    How To Use Social Media To Drive Business Success [Research] Does your business social media use support and grow your company? Specifically, is your social media investment including personnel, agencies, content creation, advertising and technology yielding a positive return? Not sure? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

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  • The rise of the social media footballer

    … YouTube, unlike Facebook. Some players are starting to realize YouTube’s worth: Manchester United’s Juan Mata has had his own YouTube channel since 2015 and plans to use it as one of the main ways to share a series of films his sports marketing agency Dark Horses is creating to promote an upcoming charity drive. Mata’s moves on YouTube are an example…

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  • How Instagram Stories became the growth engine for Teen Vogue’s Woke Letter

    … declined to disclose how many people have signed up for Woke Letter. “Instagram Stories felt like a natural fit,” said Terron Moore, the director of social media at Teen Vogue and Allure. Woke Letter was launched as part of an effort to build on the breakaway success Teen Vogue saw for its politics coverage during the 2016 U.S. presidential…

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  • How to Create a Budget for Social Media Marketing

    25601340 With its ease of use and access to billions of active users, it’s no surprise that social media has become a powerful marketing venue. Businesses and marketers are spending more than ever on social media marketing, but that’s no guarantee of success. Don’t risk throwing money away. Spend wisely by creating a comprehensive social media marketing budget to ensure that ...

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  • 3 Killer Strategies for Custom Affinity Audience Campaigns

    August 14, 2017 Below we dig into 3 killer strategies for using custom affinity audience targeting, performance results and key lessons learned from managing custom affinity targeting. Affinity audience targeting is not new. Facebook, Google and Amazon have been using them for some time and have seen huge success.

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  • Facebook lets brands promote publishers’, influencers’ posts as ads

    After officially opening itself up last year as a free distribution outlet for branded content, Facebook is ready to cash in. On Monday Facebook rolled out a new way for brands to take the posts that they pay publishers and influencers to create — and that the publishers and influencers tag as branded using Facebook’s labeling system — and promote them as ads on the social network.

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