• How to Get Verified on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

    … Page’s About section. These details include: Address or addresses (if you have multiple locations) Phone numbers Your mission statement Your other social channel handles A company overview How to apply for Facebook verification Once you’ve filled out as much information about your business as possible (and check that it’s up to date…

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  • My Big Mistake on YouTube

    I made an embarrassing mistake on YouTube and I loved it. Making mistakes out loud is a pre-requisite for entrepreneurship. Because if you’re too worried about making mistakes—about being seen as “immature” or “uncertain” or even “stupid”—you might not launch anything at all. You may not know this but I am a kind of professional small business builder.

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  • 5 Instagram Features You May Have Missed

    Want to attract an audience and following that actually cares about and interacts with the content that you post? You should really be on Instagram. According to a TrackMaven report, engagement rates on the image-focused social network are considerably higher than both Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve been focusing more of your efforts elsewhere, it might be time for you to pay ...

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  • Will More Tweet Space Equal More Value for Your Twitter Audience?

    … Last month, Twitter made big headlines after announcing it was in the midst of testing 280-character tweets as a way to give users more room to “express” themselves. The announcement came a little more than a year after Twitter stopped including links and photos in character counts. “We want every person around the world to easily express…

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  • 3 Things I Learned About Our Brand from Social Media Listening

    … 25601340 What are the chances that a large brand just happens upon your post when they aren’t following you and you don’t tag them? Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide Download Well, now that I work at a social analytics company I know it’s because they’ve got a Listening product. As we transition into Q4, many social marketers are pulling…

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  • Dynamic Creative for Facebook Ads

    Assembling the perfect, most effective combination of creative for Facebook ads is a time-consuming process for advertisers. Thanks to Dynamic Creative, that process just got a whole lot easier. Which image works best? Should you use short or long text? How about your headline? Does the CTA button matter? We, as advertisers, struggle with these questions.

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  • 5 Tips for a Winning Youtube Custom Video Thumbnail

    YouTube is one of the most useful tools for content marketing. The problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. According to the site’s statistics, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute! You read that right… that is 6,000 in an hour, 144,000 hours in a day. Your best bet will always be building a consistent audience.

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  • 10 Free Tools That Will Help Your Content Creation

    Content drives business success and it also drives customer satisfaction in the digital world we live in today. Behind every successful marketing campaign there is well-designed interactive content and behind every successful brand, there is awesome content marketing. That’s why content is king and will remain that way for a very long time. However, not just any content can be labeled as king.

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