• #145: 13 Questions to Nail Down Your Winning Webinar Topic and Title

    … Launching your first webinar is a pretty exciting feeling. You’re running on adrenaline and diving into slide decks, email copy, webinar platforms, and so much more. And because I know you’re likely juggling a million things right now (that’s normal, right?!), I’m here to help you take the first BIG step in webinar planning: Identifying…

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  • Why CNBC International is shifting its video strategy to YouTube from Facebook

    CNBC International is making YouTube a big part of its video focus this year, shifting away from one-minute reactive news videos on Facebook. In the next few months, CNBC International will launch up to five video series. The videos — lasting between three and six minutes — will also run on Facebook and CNBC International’s site, but made with YouTube in mind.

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  • Giving People More Control Over Their Facebook Profile Picture

    … By Aarati Soman, Product Manager Part of our goal in building global community is understanding the needs of people who use Facebook in specific countries and how we can better serve them. In India, we’ve heard that people want more control over their profile pictures, and we’ve been working over the past year to understand how we can help…

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  • [Webinar Highlights] How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media

    …, Socedo Our very own Head of Marketing and Communications Lucy Hitz was joined by CEO and Founder of Socedo, Aseem Badshah. They shared insight on social listening and the challenge of using social media to create big business impact. Lucy and Aseem explained how we can increase brand awareness, improve lead gen and nurturing, and accelerate…

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  • Video Trends of 2017

    It’s no surprise that video is taking the digital advertising by storm. No matter what vertical, customer engagement is exponentially more positive to video and cinemagraph ad formats. Ad units have gotten more and more interactive over the years and now video is king. Video creative demand is soaring and online video spend is expected to grow a 31% over the next year.

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  • Is it email marketing or SPAM in a fancy package?

    … Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. Using marketing technology is one of those things. Email automation, especially drip email, could be destroying your brand. If you’re using drip email campaigns for lead generation, chances are you’re doing more harm than good. Email marketing is one of the most important tactics for content…

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  • Snapchat’s Snap Map plots Stories by location but not ads (yet)

    …-and-greet at a new store’s grand opening could produce a Story with the celebrity touring the store, and that Story would appear within a Snap Map where the store is physically located and potentially include a way for people to swipe up on the Story to get directions to the store. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door Media's Social Media…

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  • How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Links

    … Instagram stories are an unbeatable way to share your behind-the-scenes stories, your product updates, or even (if your account is verified) a blog post image with a link to the post! You can get creative with Instagram stories with a day-in-the-life stories, a takeover event, or even a mini slideshow. But, setting aside the time to keep your…

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  • Infographic: How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

    Winning on social media means paying attention to subtle things, like how your posts are composed and what hashtags will bring eyeballs and still not get buried. I have one simple tip for making hashtag usage more elegant: Use hashtags in sentences. Don’t just append them to the end of a tweet or other social media updates. For example: Maybe one of the mo ...

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  • So, I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Here’s why I did it…

    Yep. I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Why? Well… Read this! Let Me Break It Down For You… Every single person who clicked on that ad was sent into what’s known as a “sales funnel.” What’s a sales funnel? Well… Here’s a visual representation: Or, in other words. * People visit your website. * They opt in to your email list. * You send them valuable content.

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  • 5 Quick Hacks To Radically Improve Your Social Media Design

    Scientists have shown that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That’s a lot! And it just goes to show that a lot can happen in a minute, or every four seconds if you do the maths. So have you ever wondered about how much activity happens on Facebook per minute? I’ll tell you. 510,000 comments are posted. 293,000 statuses are updated. 136,000 photos are uploaded.

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