• Do’s and Don’ts of Nonprofit Social Media

    … in mind, social media for nonprofits can be profitable indeed. Not only can it help generate donations, but it can assist with gaining followers, increasing awareness of your organization, and propelling you forward on your overall mission. Ensure you do it right with expert help by scheduling a marketing consultation today. …

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  • Making PR More Measurable

    … marketing platforms, the Internet has made measurement not only feasible but an essential part of PR’s relevancy. Here are four ways to make PR activities more measurable: Promote Earned Media Through Social Media: Regardless of whether you are marketing in a B2B or B2C environment, social media is vital. For B2B companies, the benefit is a bit less…

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  • Brand Storytelling 101: 6 Must Have Content Elements

    Do you have a brand story that you share with people who come in contact with your brand? A story that serves as the connective tissue and foundation representing the who, what and why your brand exists on this planet today? Your brand story should be the thread which connects your value proposition, team, vision, mission, and purpose with your customers, potential customers, audience, commu.

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  • 6 Easy Ways To Improve Facebook Ads Relevance Score

    Advertising on social media has become a huge thing in the recent years, which led to many companies rushing to the market and trying to engage potential customers. This, however, has led to a lot of users being unhappy about getting bombarded by various ads, which forced Facebook into creating relevance score which was supposed to make both advertisers and users happy.

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  • A Savvy Marketer’s Guide To Running Successful Hashtag Competitions

    If you’re looking for effective ways to build a bigger following on social media, look no further than the humble hashtag competition. Since hashtags became a big deal in the social media world, they’ve become a quick way to explode your brand’s reach and amass user-generated content for savvy marketing.

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  • Get People Talking About your business online

    … Starting up a business is never easy, especially in this instant fast paced world we live in. In our instant world, where we are constantly bombarded with information from the moment we open our eyes, to the moment we close them. It’s hard to know whether your business is reaching all the possibilities it deserves. With so much information out…

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  • Stream YouTube TV using your voice on Google Home

    … Google Home, Google Home Mini, and soon Google Home Max, let you enjoy your entertainment hands-free with the Google Assistant. With Chromecast, you can already stream your favorite YouTube clips, Netflix shows (if you have a subscription, of course), and more straight to your TV with a simple voice command. Starting today, voice control gets…

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