• #Earlyfor30 – Day 29

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 29 By Dennis Seymour · April 29, 2017 It’s almost the last day of the challenge and I’d like to finish strong. It’s been just as I expected when I first started this challenge. This month was going to be grueling with all the events, holidays and travel needed. It tested my will and how I learned a lot on how I can manage my motivation and energy throughout the day.

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  • How To Make Your PPC Campaign Successful

    Since you have to run a business successfully, PPC management can keep you busy all the time. PPC campaign is not about working hard, but it is all about working smart. You need to be smart enough to free your time to make your business successful and look after your clients. PPC campaign is the best way to market and advertise your business online.

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  • Your twirling, dancing, arts-appreciating Google Assistant

    Ok Google, when is International Dance Day? It’s tomorrow! So grab your dancing shoes—the Google Assistant is your new partner. Here’s how it can help you get in the spirit of International Dance Day: Practice makes perfect! Ask your Assistant on Android phones to “show me a video of a fouetté.” Those who can’t dance can become dance history buffs.

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  • Stalled Out for Blog Content? Follow the Buyer’s Journey

    Coming up with new ideas for blogs on a regular basis can be really tough. In fact, this is often one of the biggest struggles that new inbound marketers have. After posting blog after blog filled with inspiration and new ideas, eventually the creativity slows down—or it may even come to a screeching halt. Finding appropriate and relevant topics that feel fresh presents a very real challenge.

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  • Survey: Brands Aren’t Ready to Commit to Native Publishing

    Back in 2015, Facebook introduced Instant Articles. It was a seminal moment—or at least, it was supposed to be. After years of hot takes and hand-wringing, including from yours truly, what was once supposed to revolutionize digital content has instead been something of a dud. The Guardian, which used to turn every piece it published into an Instant Article, is now completely a ...

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  • Bring Your Child to Work Day at Movable Ink

    At Movable Ink, we’re pretty passionate about creating amazing experiences. That’s why we were so excited for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Each team at the company had the opportunity to present on their area of expertise – sales, design, engineering, and marketing for example – and the kids discovered what their parents do all day.

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  • The High Five: new discoveries in space and fashion

    What did Saturn say to NASA this week? “High Five.” Here’s a look at a few of the top trending Google searches orbiting the week of April 24. What have you done this week? For the first time ever, a spacecraft cruised through the narrow gap between Saturn and its rings. Now NASA’s Cassini is beaming information back to the mothership, and telling NASA about all the cool stuff it saw.

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