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  • The Washington Post brings artificial intelligence to its native ads

    Publishers are running into a wall with so-called native ads. Once seen as the panacea for declining digital ad rates, these ads that are designed to mimic editorial content have turned out to be costly to make and distribute and hard to scale, which makes them a tough sell with advertisers and also eats into publishers’ profit margins.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 6 readers -
  • Are You Using The Right Keywords To Convert?

    Will Your Keywords Convert? It’s a question that rings through your mind on a daily basis. How do you know that you’ve selected the right keywords? In order to relieve yourself of any anxiety, you’ve got to do your due diligence. This means properly researching your target keywords, as well as understanding what’s going to be needed in order to convert.

    SEO Nickin Paid Search- 5 readers -
  • When to Use PPC and When to Use SEO

    Although it has been mentioned many times before, it still needs to be stressed just how important traffic is to a website. Without traffic, to some extent, a website is worthless. Making sure you have sources of traffic to a website is crucial to the success of it. With this, there is an argument to say that there are mainly two types of sources of traffic you could look to in ...

    Will Green/ ppc.orgin Paid Search SEO- 5 readers -
  • Are You a Serial Opportunist?

    A term that I see getting thrown around on an increasingly frequent basis, especially among all my other self-employed friends, is “serial entrepreneur.” You’ve probably seen it in the context of Internet marketing, dot com startups, and other related industries. The idea is that this person, this professional is not necessarily married to any one job or any one company.

    Michael Kwan/ John Chow dot Com- 4 readers -
  • Hiya and Samsung Turn the Phone Dialer Into a Local Search Engine

    A new local search service is coming out on the freshest Samsung device, including the Galaxy Note 8 announced today, and it’s in the phone dialer app. From a user perspective, it’s like a local search engine integrated directly into the Android phone dialer, shown as a third “Places” tab at the top of the dialer screen next to “Recents” and “Contacts”.

    Street Fight- 8 readers -
  • Choosing the Right Podcast Topic (It’s Harder Than It Sounds)

    By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I recently hosted a seminar on podcasting for MarketingProfs that examined how to start a podcast. During the one-hour session, I explained everything, from the podcast listening audience (thanks, Edison Research) to planning, recording, editing, and promoting your show.

    {grow}- 6 readers -
  • The Heart of Artificial Intelligence

    My son Arthur has just been awarded a prize for story-telling at his primary school. So when I watched that short movie whose script was generated by artificial intelligence, based on thousands of sci-fi books and films, I could certainly see a lot of similarity between both outputs. For me this epitomizes the current state of AI… It is raw, forming, full of potential but sti ...

    State of Digital- 10 readers -
  • SEO Trends 2017 – A MidSummer Review

    When someone asks me what SEO is, I usually say that SEO is not a discipline for the poor in spirit. The evolution of Google (and of the others search engines) is constant and, as it happened in the last 18 months, even a frenzy. Therefore, if you are someone, who has problems in discussing your own certainties, if you don’t have an inquisitive mind and, if you don’t recogn ...

    Gianluca Fiorelli/ State of Digitalin SEO- 10 readers -
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