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  • Top 7 E-commerce Web Design Trends to Adopt In 2018

    E-commerce sales worldwide accounted for $1.915 trillion in sales up to the end of 2016. It is predicted that e-commerce sales will reach $27 trillion by the year 2020. E-commerce is fulfilling some increasingly diverse roles in the world of online selling and has come along way since the days when a little known startup called Amazon began selling books over the internet.

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  • Ranking your local business part IV: Inbound links

    This is the fourth post in an 8-part series on how to rank your business for local searches at Google. Previously, I’ve listed the most important aspects that influence your local ranking, discussed how to get the most out of Google My Business, and covered best practices for on-site optimization. Here, I’ll focus on another essential asset for local SEO: earning inbound links ...

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  • 5 Awesome Tools to Use When Auditing Your Website

    Over the past few months, I’ve talked extensively about the importance of auditing your website. With all the recent Google updates, having a solid auditing plan is very important to keep your website from being banned. For example, running a quick audit will tell you what dead pages you have and if there is duplicate content floating around without your knowledge.

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  • Why is there no minimum cyber security regulation?

    By Mark Schaefer Research shows that the most popular blog posts are positive and uplifting with lots of high energy words. This is not one of those posts. I don’t know if you can make a point about cybersecurity in this world with a sunny disposition but this has been on my mind and I need to write about it. I recently had lunch with a friend who is an international cybersecurity expert.

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  • Counteract Fear and Get More Results With This Simple Trick

    If we go for too long without progress, we lose momentum and the work grows more and more resistance. Do you know what I mean? When the work just kind of feels heavier and heavier? This happens in our projects. It happens in our goals. It happens in anything we want to achieve or accomplish. And if this happens, we lose our progress, our momentum and our sense of direction.

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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Blog More Beautiful (and Effective)

    Even the best content runs into trouble when the blog it’s on is so ugly that readers leave before giving it a chance. The good news is that there are lots of ways we can spruce up our blogs in order to make them more appealing, effective and engaging by taking advantage of plugins, tools and some little tricks of the trade.

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  • How SEO Is Changing And Why It’s Simpler Than You Think

    How SEO Is Changing And Why It’s Simpler Than You Think Google’s update in 2011 has really changed the world of how SEO works. Optimization has shifted from having to over-emphasize keywords to a more human-like approach when crafting online content. Before, you’d have a checklist that should meet the following criteria- a keyword density percentage, putting in the keyword at ...

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  • Comparing AdWords & Real Estate: Understanding CPC Inflation

    August 17, 2017 There are many surprising similarities between AdWords auctions and real estate markets. What can one ancient industry teach us about one that is so new to us? By comparing the two we’ll try and understand more about CPC inflation, effective investment strategies and where the industry could be heading. AdWords auctions are like real estate auctions in many ways.

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