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  • Four Reasons Marketing Resolutions Fail

    Personal New Year's resolutions usually stink, and marketing resolutions are no better. You know why? 1. Your resolution is random Goals need to make sense for your specific brand and business. Just because video marketing is a trending marketing topic, that doesn't mean it's right for your particular brand. Make sure your resolution makes sense for you if you want to see success. 2.

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  • How Tech Tastes Have Changed Since 2005

    Fewer Americans today have desktop computers, VCRs, and basic cellphones than they did in 2005, and more now own MP3 players, smartphones, and laptops, according to recent report by Gallup. The survey of 1,031 US adults found ownership of laptops (64% own) and iPods/MP3 players (45%) is up most dramatically since 2005, when Gallup last conducted a similar poll.

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  • Top 10 Follow Friday Favorites Week 52

    10 Follow Friday Favorites I’m happy to share another 10 great people that I follow and enjoy connecting with. But before we get to that, let’s talk about something I been hearing. With so many “you tweet me I tweet you” servic ...

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  • Why You Should Use 'Actiontags' in Your Social Media Marketing

    Over the past few years, we have all seen an industry-wide shift toward "in-stream" content and campaigns. However, brands are still trying to discover how best to maximize their return on the time, money, and effort that goes into the creation and promotion of their social marketing initiatives.

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  • Four Marketing Data Predictions for 2014

    Big Data reveled in the spotlight in 2013. From crime prevention to healthcare, seemingly every vexing large-scale problem could be solved with the flick of a switch and a prayer to the Big Data gods. Alas, 2014 will be the year when the idealism and hype of Big Data and analytics will die down as retailers start to focus in on how and where to take action.

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  • Four Marketing Performance Management Resolutions for 2014

    Have you made a marketing New Year's resolution? If you have, we hope that you have devoted at least one to marketing performance management (MPM). As inspiration, here are four resolutions to choose from, along with a few tips for bringing them to fruition. 1. Resolve to connect marketing to business results In "The Evolved CMO," a recent Forrester report, CMOs are ...

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  • Americans Watched Record Number of Online Videos in December

    Americans watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December, exceeding the 50 billion monthly views mark for the first time, according to recent Video Metrix data from comScore. In total, 188.2 million Americans—86.9% of the US Internet audience—watched online videos during the month. Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing on YouTube, ranked as the top on ...

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  • 5 Surprising Reasons Why Email Trumps Social Media

    Good old fashioned email. Definitely not the new kid on the block when it comes to communicating with your readership. Can it really compete with all the newfangled alternatives? Guest author, Jason Kong shares how email not only holds its own, but surpasses social media as a powerful communication channel. Establishing your writer platform requires several important decisions.

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  • MyBlogGuest Growth in 2014 Infographic

    Tweet Last year we started a great tradition: Sharing MyBlogGuest stats with the world. A little bit of history. We shared our 2013 progress in the closing #myblogguest Twitter chats of 2013. Here are some milestones: Google started talking about guest blogging, so we started talking about Google We amended our quality guidelines trying to adapt them to what Google was stating.

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  • Groupon Says Gmail Tabs Hurt Its Business. Are They Hurting Yours?

    Since Gmail announced its new Tabs feature back in July 2013, the marketing industry has been sustaining a long conversation on its potential impact on businesses. (I even wrote a piece on how Gmail was rewriting the rules of email marketing earlier this year.) Brands tried to combat the Tabs switch by sending out emails pleading with subscribers to move their emails b ...

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  • How to Get Executive Stakeholder Buy-in for Your Website Testing Program

    The first step to a successful website testing program is ensuring that you have buy-in from your executives. However, executive buy-in is important not just for getting your testing and optimization started, it's also crucial for ensuring long-term success both for the testing program—and for those involved in it.

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  • B2B Buyer Behavior: When Web Leads Convert

    Conversion rates for B2B online leads are highest at the beginning of the year, in part because companies are renewing budgets and new funds are available, according to a recent analysis by Software Advice. On the other hand, conversion activity drops significantly during the prime vacation summer months.

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