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  • Beware buying a car with a phony title

    When buying a used car online the main scams you had to worry about were either wiring money to a scam artist when the car doesn’t actually exist or buying a car that’s been stolen. Now a report is coming put of Texas that tells of a different elaborate scam that could leave you just as broke. According to the report, scammers are buying cars from junkyards that have been dec ...

    Greg's Corner- 7 readers -
  • Creative Week: Creative Tips for Social Platforms

    How do you design creative that drives high engagement on a tight budget? How can you manage your design team efficiently without blunting creativity? This week, experts from the 3Q Creative and Soci ...

    3Q Digital- 7 readers -
  • Native Advertising Guide: How Affiliates Can Use It

    What is native advertising? If you haven’t stumbled upon the term “Native Advertising” yet, you must be a complete novice in affiliate marketing or you’ve just returned from a vacation on the Moon. Indeed, Native Advertising (abbreviated as NA) has been discussed everywhere over the last few years, but, still, the practice of “going native” might seem confusing for a great deal of affiliates.

    KJ Rockerin Affiliate Mobile How To's- 9 readers -
  • How To Create An Effective, Simple, Content Strategy For Your Small Business

    Let’s say you’re operating a small or mid-sized business. You’re wearing a dozen hats, and one of them says “Marketing”. Now, in days gone by, marketing used to be the fun part of running your business. It was a pleasant break from inventory control, manufacturing schedules, and the million-and-one other things you do to keep your business operating smoothly. But then it became not so fun.

    Relevance- 8 readers -
  • Shoptalk 2018: 10 Can’t Miss Sessions for Ecommerce Marketers

    Shoptalk 2018, taking place March 18-21 in Las Vegas, recently announced its full agenda and — surprise, surprise — it’s chock full of sessions led by C-level execs from both retail giants and fast-growing startups, covering topics such as the future of marketing, the customer journey, artificial intelligence, digital payments, and more.

    Nanigansin Social Retargeting- 14 readers -
  • Google will Change Websites to ‘Not Secure’ in June 2018

    For quite a long time, it has been old news that websites that do not have ‘https://’, being an SSL certificate for a website, will be marked as ‘not secure’ by Google and Google Chrome in the web browser. A date of when the change has not occurred until recently, for which Google have stated in a recent blog post that such a change will take place in June 2018.

    Will Green/ ppc.orgin Paid Search Google- 13 readers -
  • Prepare Yourself for the Future of Audience Based Advertising

    Brad will be featured at Hero Conf Austin for his April 16 keynote presentation, “Personalized Marketing in an Audience Centric World”. Register to see him live! Imagine you’re sitting in your house or apartment relaxing after a hard day at work. You look around and the place is a mess. You don’t have the energy to clean it; so you do what everyone else does – you pick up your ...

    PPC Heroin Paid Search- 6 readers -
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