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  • 8 Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Business

    There are etiquette guides for almost any situation, from table settings to international business meetings. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a communication medium as culturally transformative as social media also comes with its own code of common courtesies and customs. Businesses in particular need to adhere to this etiquette, since social media is such a public forum.

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  • ‘It’s not just for banner ads anymore’: The New York Times is making all of its ads available programmatically

    The New York Times is growing its programmatic business by allowing machines to sell its custom ad units. In the third quarter, the Times began selling its custom Flex Frame ads programmatically, which helped it double its programmatic direct revenue over the previous quarter, said Sara Badler, director of programmatic advertising at the Times, declining to share precise figures.

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  • Two years of Google.org grants for racial justice

    For many years, bold leaders across the U.S. have been using technology to foster a national dialogue on systemic inequity. Through painful moments like the Charleston church shooting, Googlers, like many others, asked what we could do to advance a more inclusive society. Two years ago, alongside our Black Googler Network and its allies, Google.

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  • Amazon and ‘self-gifting’ expected to lead Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

    Sales are already underway for several brands looking to get a leg up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as retailers continue the trend of elongated discounting. “Our merchants start to experience an increase in [sales from discounts] throughout the entire week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we see sales start to level off a couple of days after Cyber Monday ...

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  • How Unilever’s micro-influencers fit into its ‘less is more’ advertising strategy

    Bigger doesn’t always mean better for Unilever when it comes to the influencers it works with. Influencers previously hired by the advertiser had to be as well-known as a finalist on the hit TV show “The Great British Bake Off,” according to Madeleine Boulton, assistant brand manager at Unilever. Now, the business is turning to so-called micro-influencers, people with smaller ...

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  • How MTV, The Telegraph and Evening Standard are using Amazon Echo Show

    The Amazon Echo Show, the tech giant’s latest Alexa-enabled device complete with a 7-inch screen, launched last week in the U.K., with media companies like the BBC, The Telegraph and MTV adding video content to their audio skills. Amazon has flooded the market with variations of its Echo products, such as the more compact Echo Dot, the Echo Spot for connected homes and the Ech ...

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  • Quick Fixes for Low Adsense Earnings

    Are you struggling to earn a decent living from your site’s Adsense? Is one site earning a high CPM but another is struggling and earning a few cents for click? There could be a few things causing this, but the good news is that you can turn things around with a few tweaks and changes. 1. You are Targeting Low Cost Keywords The way that Adsense works is that it will look to sh ...

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  • Life After Advertising: From agency CEO to cider maker

    In our new series “Life After Advertising,” we share the stories of past advertisers who endured the long hours in the industry and have emerged in a new career, perhaps a little worn, but mostly unscathed and living new dreams. Charles Rosen spent nearly 14 years working in advertising, then went on to run for Congress, start a global fund to finance the campaigns of women po ...

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  • Why Big Brands Need Sponsored Video Not Christmas TV Ads

    In Great Britain, major brands in the retail space have created the relatively recent tradition of launching an official Christmas ad or advert in early November. Why? Well, the Brits don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, like the Yanks do. So, they can get a head start on driving shoppers into stores weeks before their American cousins try pushing consumers to shop ...

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  • Making Visual Messaging Even Better – Introducing High Resolution Photos in Messenger

    By Sean Kelly & Hagen Green, Product Managers, Messenger The way people message today is no longer limited by just text; visual messaging as our new universal language is much more emotional and expressive. Whether you’re catching up over moments big and small — like a recent vacation, an amazing meal at a new restaurant, a new member of the family, or the first snow day o ...

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  • Learn more about the world around you with Google Lens and the Assistant

    Looking at a landmark and not sure what it is? Interested in learning more about a movie as you stroll by the poster? With Google Lens and your Google Assistant, you now have a helpful sidekick to tell you more about what’s around you, right on your Pixel. When we introduced the new Pixel 2 last month, we talked about how Google Lens builds on Google’s advancements in c ...

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