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  • How Volkswagen is using artificial intelligence for ad buying decisions

    Cars aren’t the only thing Volkswagen wants to automate. Artificial intelligence is managing the brand’s media buys in Germany and proving to be more effective than its media agency. Whenever Volkswagen uses the recommendations from Blackwood Seven, a Danish media agency that uses AI and predictive analytics to forecast ad spend decisions, it sells more cars than it would have ...

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  • In 2018, management consultancies will have their sights set on media

    For management consultancies trying to be agencies, 2018 is the year they’ll have to prove they can do it. “Next year is the year we’re focusing strongly on organic growth that is in part seeded by some of the acquisitions we’ve made around the globe,” said Brian Whipple, CEO of Accenture Interactive, which snapped up 14 agencies globally in the past five years.

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  • News UK finds high levels of domain spoofing to the tune of $1 million a month in lost revenue

    To investigate the level of domain spoofing occurring against its news brands, News UK conducted a programmatic blackout test for two hours in December. The result: 2.9 million bids per hour were made on fake inventory purporting to be News UK’s The Sun and The Times of London newspaper brands. From the results, the publisher estimates that marketers are wasting £700,000 ($950 ...

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  • Five marketing leadership lessons from the Internet’s biggest scandal

    Logan Paul discovers a dead body in a Japanese forest By Mark Schaefer I normally don’t dive into the world of teen YouTube stars. I’m interested in the sociological phenomena, but beyond that, I find the incessant camera posing and bro pranks boring. No surprise. This is the new “boy band” and I am not their target audience! But this week the Internet absolutely blew up af ...

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  • Kindness scales

    It scales better than competitiveness, frustration, pettiness, regret, revenge, merit (whatever that means) or apathy. Kindness ratchets up. It leads to more kindness. It can create trust and ope ...

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  • Gatorade is kicking off a livestreaming video series on Twitter

    Twitter is making a big push into livestreaming video, but most of these efforts have been with media companies like Bloomberg Media and BuzzFeed. This week, however, it’ll kick off a live series by Gatorade, centered on high school basketball recruits. The show, called “#TheDebut,” will start Jan.

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  • Ad retargeters scramble to get consumer consent

    Desperate times call for desperate in-browser messages. With Apple already making moves against ad tracking in its Safari browser and the General Data Protection Regulation being enforced in May, ad retargeters are desperately trying to get consent from users to track their digital browsing behavior.

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  • Why we don't have nice things

    The creation of worthwhile work is a duet. The creator has to do her part, but so does the customer. One of the best airport restaurants I've ever encountered breaks my first rule of airport eating. The sushi bar at gate 30 of Narita airport is a special place (though I wish they didn't serve tuna). The rice is extraordinary. The nori is crisp. The service is efficient but friendly.

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  • TD Bank’s first fintech acquisition is an AI company

    TD Bank just bought its first technology firm, Toronto-based artificial intelligence startup Layer 6. The Canadian banking giant, also based in Toronto, invested an undisclosed amount in Layer 6 to help it “continue to transform itself” in the industry shift from mobile-first to AI-first customer experiences, said Rizwan Khalfan, TD’s chief digital and payments officer.

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