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  • The merging of advertising and entertainment has led to talent shortfall

    As spending on branded content has grown, agencies, publishers and brands are increasingly searching for people with skills more commonly found in entertainment fields than in advertising. But finding those people has turned out to be easier said than done. In a December study, tech firm Conductor surveyed 500 marketing execs and found that 76 percent said they would increase ...

    Digiday- 15 readers -
  • The other kind of customer service

    Reactive customer service waits until something is broken. We leave it up to the annoyed customer to go to the trouble of finding us, contacting us, and then, in real time, advocating for themselves until we finally manage to make things good enough (we rarely make them better than the customer hoped). Perhaps ...

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 8 readers -
  • A reintroduction to Google’s featured snippets

    Sometimes when you do a search, you’ll find that there’s a descriptive box at the top of Google’s results. We call this a “featured snippet.” In this post—the first in a new series going behind-the-scenes on how Google Search works—we’ll explore when, where and why we provide featured snippets. What is a featured snippet? Let’s start with a look at a featured snippet, in thi ...

    Danny Sullivan/ The Official Google Blog- 20 readers -
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