404 Errors

  • Beginner’s guide to server response codes

    … on their site. Because of this, old products were not removed from the search index and outranked buyable products in search results. 301 – Redirect Permanently A permanent redirect acknowledges the client’s request and says, “That information now resides somewhere else.” Instead of loading the old information, the server begins an updated request—a 301…

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  • Can 404 Errors Hurt Your SEO Rankings?

    … You've probably encountered at least one 404 error--maybe even on your own site. A 404 error is a type of error returned when a user attempts to access a page on the server that is not specified, does not exist, or otherwise can't be accessed. There are several error codes that indicate a problem returning a requested web page, but 404s…

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  • Getting Bulk PA Data for 404s with URL Profiler

    … founders), I thought it’d be a good idea to throw it up as a quick blog post. The challenge – 404orama! I have a client who – despite only having a 1,000-page website – has over 5,000 404 (Page Not Found) errors associate with it. Over 5,000! (Pity it’s not over 9,000, otherwise I could use this. Anyhow…) The number is so high due to a variety of reasons…

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  • Using IP Deny Manager To Reduce Fake Visitors and Improve Site Security

    … it, and use it to monitor for 404 errors for a few days to get this information for you. I configure the redirection plugin to keep a week’s worth of redirection and 404 data. Be sure you don’t let it keep more than that (but you can keep less than that) or you might end up with massive log files cluttering up your database. Once you have a few day’s…

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