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  • Branch offers first deep-linking from ads on AMP pages to app content

    … Google’s AMP pages are known for their speed in loading from mobile search results. But, using a stripped-down version of HTML, AMP pages still lack much of the functionality that helps publishers make money. To help fill that gap, deep-linking provider Branch.io has released a version of its Journeys, called AMP Journeys. The Palo Alto…

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  • On the internet, advertisers want to know if you’re really a dog

    In 1993, as the commercial internet was being born, one New Yorker cartoon in particular seemed to capture the essence of this new medium. It showed a dog sitting at a desktop computer, speaking to another dog sitting on the floor. The caption: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” It defined a key uniqueness for this new thing, the internet. You could be your true self.

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  • Is retargeting dying?

    … Third-party cookies have become the black sheep of digital advertising. Apple’s Safari browser has blocked them. Google’s Chrome — now becoming an arbiter of ad quality — makes it relatively easy to avoid them. And some ad blockers can’t tolerate them. Plus, GDPR will hit them hard next year in Europe and possibly elsewhere (since European…

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  • 4 reasons the Demand Unit Waterfall is perfect for ABM

    … opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Peter Isaacson has over 25 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, ranging from branding, advertising, corporate communications and product marketing on a global scale…

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  • Confessions of a marketing automation addict

    … Let me get this out of the way: I’m a technology geek and a marketing aficionado. I adore working with marketing automation to drive business. The bright thrill of success bubbles over when various marketing technologies are stacked together to improve the user experience and boost engagement that results in sales. Nothing is better than…

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  • An introduction to conversational commerce and bots

    …-checkout stands at the grocery store. In this context, it’s not hard to imagine how conversational bots can become an extension of a self-service interface to your brand across the platform and channel your customers choose. Bing already has a few bots integrated directly into the search results page. In the video below, you can see how I’ve…

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  • The new marketing mandate: Learn fast

    Connect your organization with the marketing technology explosion at The MarTech Conference! See how becoming consumer & data obsessed is going to transform your m ...

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  • Stackla adds a Co-Pilot to recommend which user content should be published

    … — Content Intelligence, Performance Insights and watching the monitors — are now integrated into a single algorithm. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] About The Author Barry Levine covers marketing technology for Third Door Media. Previously, he covered this space as a Senior Writer for VentureBeat, and he has written about these and other…

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  • Tobii Pro now invisibly tracks users’ eyes in VR

    … A combined image, showing attention spots where a VR wearer might be looking in a virtual grocery store. Virtual reality is just beginning to develop the kinds of analytical tools that help marketers determine what works. This week, eye-tracking research firm Tobii added another tool — one that invisibly tracks users’ visual attention…

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