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  • Sprinklr, the former social platform, emerges this week as a customer experience cloud

    … into “the next big generation of relationship platforms.” This would be, I wrote, similar to how email tools later evolved into marketing automation clouds. Thomas told me that this predicted evolution was “spot on,” except that there’s a new model going beyond marketing automation. That emergence is represented by a variety of newly-announced additions…

    Marketing Land- 49 readers -
  • Google shows off its VR advertising concept

    … Google presented an early look Wednesday at how it’s starting to think about ads for virtual reality applications. A team working in Google’s Area 120 ideas incubator has come up with a concept for a native video ad format that users can engage with in mobile VR apps. The experimental format starts as a cube. Users can either tap it or stare…

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Landin Google- 36 readers -
  • What the GDPR means for your business

    … the initial reason for obtaining the data. Unlike previous privacy regulations, everyone fully expects that the GDPR will be enforced on day one with no grace period. Beyond that, the GDPR also allows for the creation of Supervisory Authority (SA) agencies to hear and investigate complaints, who also will have the authority to sanction administrative…

    Marketing Land- 35 readers -
  • Helpshift adds a GDPR compliance tool

    …The customer support platform’s addition of an Issue Redaction Tool illustrates the balancing of brand-vendor responsibilities that GDPR will bring. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article…

    Marketing Land- 35 readers -
  • Imagining the possibilities of marketing and artificial intelligence

    …, artificial intelligence (AI) will become ubiquitous. However, there are gaps in the evolution of AI and advertising solutions that will require a whole new set of service providers creating solutions to fill specific voids. From my point of view, ad tech isn’t dying, it’s simply morphing to meet the needs of today’s marketer. I recently discussed…

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Land- 32 readers -
  • Unbundling the ad server

    …The great ad server as we knew it is no more. Contributor Victor Wong takes a look at the evolution of the ad server and what we should expect to see in the future. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article…

    Marketing Land- 31 readers -
  • The robots who will warm your heart — and drive your branding

    … I’m not a classically trained marketer, so I don’t really understand how branding works. Why do people sign up for a credit card because Charles Barkley appears in a TV commercial? How does Alfa Romeo sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show increase car sales? And why does my public utility have to brand itself at all? None of this makes much…

    David Rodnitzky/ Marketing Land- 30 readers -
  • Navigating the programmatic turn in content distribution

    … been more true or relevant to marketing strategies. The prospect of activating programmatic channels to amplify branded content distribution calls forth the many pros and cons that have already been explored thoroughly in the context of programmatic display. Concerns include quality, brand safety, viewability and verification in an arguably even…

    Marketing Landin Display Content- 30 readers -
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