A-Ha Moments

  • A-ha! Without a reliable map, visitors get lost

    … as opposed to non-valuable content. – Nick So, Optimization Strategist As a veteran A/B tester, don’t ever discount your gut instinct ― but always test it. A week of A-ha’s This is the last post in our week-long series of ‘A-ha!’ moments. If you missed any of the previous posts, check ’em out here: A-ha! Personalization goes beyond design…

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  • A-ha! Users don’t care if it’s ‘ugly’

    … are endless. – Nick So, Optimization Strategist Most importantly, this test reminded us that our opinions don’t matter. Users will sometimes behave in completely unpredictable ways – if you have a gut feeling, test it. The data doesn’t lie. This post is fourth in a 5-part series. If you missed any previous ‘A-ha!’ moments, check out the links…

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  • A-ha! The (social) proof is in the video

    … were focused on this client’s 4-step acquisition funnel. After targeting the first step, we wanted to apply what we had learned to the second step of the funnel. Based on previous tests, we knew that subscribers responded to social proof and were sensitive to both community messaging and the quality of our client’s products. We ran the following…

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  • A-ha! Isolations turn a losing experiment into a winner

    … shouldn’t always strive for big changes: when you make a lot of changes at once, you don’t know which change is causing the results. – Michael St Laurent, Optimization Strategist This post is second in a 5-part series. If you missed our first ‘A-ha!’ moment, check out the link below: A-ha! Personalization goes beyond design Stay tuned for more of our favorite ‘A-ha!’ moments in the coming days. The post A-ha! Isolations turn a losing experiment into a winner appeared first on WiderFunnel. …

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  • A-ha! Personalization goes beyond design

    …Our favorite ‘A-ha!’ moments from 2015 ‘A-ha!’ moments are what optimizers live for. These are the moments that make you jump up and down with excitement. ‘A-ha!’ moments are the insights that lead to more substantial revenue lift and profitable growth for your company. To kickstart the New Year, we wanted to share some of our favorite ‘A-ha…

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