A-Ha Moments

    • ‘Get past personas’, and other takeaways from CTA Conf 17

      Reading Time: 7 minutes Learnings from Call To Action Conference This week, I spent two jam-packed days at Unbounce’s fourth-ever Call To Action Conference. The one-track event featured some of today’s most influential digital marketing speakers like Mitch Joel, Kindra Hall, and Rand Fishkin. The WiderFunnel team and I having a ball at the CTA Conf afterparty.

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  • 5 test results that made us say ‘A-ha!’ in 2016

    …Reading Time: 10 minutes ‘A-ha!’ moment (n.): An insight that leads to more substantial revenue lift and profitable growth for your company (e.g. the moment all Optimizers live for). At WiderFunnel, our mission is create profitable ‘A-ha!’ moments for our clients every day. Last year, I created a five-part ‘A-ha!’ moments series: Five mini blog…

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  • A-ha! Without a reliable map, visitors get lost

    … they were looking for, faster. The Variations For variation A, we dramatically redesigned the homepage to feature these popular shopping categories and products. With this client, we jumped right in and did a major redesign. Sadly, our epic redesign had almost no impact. Well…not at first. Variation B was built on variation A. It was an exact…

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  • A-ha! Users don’t care if it’s ‘ugly’

    …A brief introduction DMV.org homepage. DMV.org is a non-government content-based website. They provide visitors with information that they might need for a DMV visit in each of the 50 U.S. states. The company earns revenue through performance-based advertising on their content pages. The site spans thousands of pages of information. Because we’ve…

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  • A-ha! The (social) proof is in the video

    … to be unfounded. Our continued testing led us to discover a winning video combination for our client’s users. It also revealed insights about video length on mobile versus on desktop. Not only should you test that, you should continue to test it. Optimization is an infinite cycle. This post is third in a 5-part series. If you missed either of our…

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  • A-ha! Isolations turn a losing experiment into a winner

    … shouldn’t always strive for big changes: when you make a lot of changes at once, you don’t know which change is causing the results. – Michael St Laurent, Optimization Strategist This post is second in a 5-part series. If you missed our first ‘A-ha!’ moment, check out the link below: A-ha! Personalization goes beyond design Stay tuned for more of our favorite ‘A-ha!’ moments in the coming days. The post A-ha! Isolations turn a losing experiment into a winner appeared first on WiderFunnel. …

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  • A-ha! Personalization goes beyond design

    …, (winning) social proof variation, credibility variation. An unexpected insight We originally assumed that, because both sites used the same design template, we could treat visitors to each site as the same (i.e. results from one site could be implemented without testing on the other site). We were wrong. Variation B (the credibility variation) won…

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