A/B Testing Ideas

  • How to Create Conversion-Ready Landing Pages Like a Pro

    … to point number one). Know what tests to run One of the main things that conversion optimizers do is test. Rather than rely on hunches and suspicions, they micro-analyze each element of a landing page in order to make the page as effective as possible. Although split testing is not without its pitfalls, it is the single best method of improving…

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  • A/B Testing Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … that the reader should complete the desired action? What type of social proof does your ideal customer respond to? 4. Call To Action A call to action is something we hear a lot about when it comes to sales copy. But, I believe every piece of content–even your blog posts–should include a call to action. Assuming the goal of your content marketing strategy…

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  • Test Your Call to Action to Boost Conversions by 13%

    … I came across an article recently called, “71 Things to A/B Test.” While this article is an amazing resource—stuffed with great ideas for what to test—it’s a little overwhelming… 71 things?! Eck! Where do you start? Especially if you’re a small business, operating without a full-time conversion optimization team, or an independent blogger…

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  • Want Better Conversions? Try Breaking the Rules!

    … simple process: take a set of established principles and A/B test them across all features of your site until you determine which options stick best. Like I said, it’s a simple process. Apply universal principles and test, test, test. So what’s the problem? It Takes Time The reality of testing is that it can be laborious and time consuming. When…

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