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    • How To Use The Bing Ads Campaign Planner

      February 7, 2017 The Bing Ads Campaign Planner has been available since 2014. The tool was created to help advertisers understand competition levels and industry benchmarks. Admittedly, I have just recently started using the Campaign Planner and found that the insights provided are especially helpful when creating a strategy for segmentation of campaigns and ad groups.

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    • 4 Red Flags Of Ineffective PPC Account Structure

      February 21, 2017 Whether it’s kicking off with a new client, conducting an audit, or delivering a comprehensive solutions blueprint, analysis of account structure is always a major indicator of account health. A properly groomed PPC account structure both reflects and streamlines every aspect of a marketing strategy. The intricacies of account structure are unique to every client.

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  • Should You Be Creating Device Specific Campaigns?

    … of devices help or hurt the account structure you have in place? Do you or your client like to visualize device performance often? With these questions, we should be able to answer if you should be segmenting your campaigns by device. How Drastic Are The Performance Differences By Device? When I am looking into device modifiers, I check one of two…

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  • Why Your PPC Account Isn’t Living Up To Its Potential

    … September 20, 2016 When a PPC account isn’t hitting goals, there can be any number of reasons why. The hard part is figuring out what’s going wrong. Other times, while performance isn’t necessarily bad, it isn’t what it could be. In these instances, there is a lot of opportunity to get the account running to its full potential. Today, I…

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  • The Ins And Outs Of PPC Account Expansion

    … the crumpled dollar bills out of my porcelain piggy bank, head to the store, and buy more. Maybe my childhood obsession with Legos helped fuel my passion for good, solid, PPC campaign structures. Every time I work in an account, my mind is constantly thinking, “how can I make this bigger/better? Where can I expand?” There are many different methods…

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  • Should You Localize Your PPC Campaigns?

    A local PPC strategy is not only for franchise businesses. For businesses that depend on in-store purchases, like restaurants and furniture stores, geotargeting is part of the campaign from the onset. However, occasionally setting up local PPC campaigns can be a valid and beneficial tactic for a standard PPC account as well.

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  • Singing This Unsung Hero’s Praises – Proper Account Structure

    … With the Super Bowl matchup set, we’ll be talking football and PPC for January’s series week. Read how our authors compare the gridiron to the daily account management of PPC professionals. Matt starts us off this week by comparing how an unsung component of a football team compares to proper account structure. Quarterbacks get all…

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  • Account Structure and Reporting in Excel

    … In late October I wrote an article about a template I created in Excel for account build outs and creating an organized paid search account. I emphasized that building out accounts in an organized manner helps with reporting and ease of optimizations. How does this organization help with reporting? Let’s dig back into Excel to show how…

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  • Top 5 PPC Fails

    … for campaign performance. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into structure or never revisit the hierarchy after campaigns are active. Many times I log into AdWords or Bing and see the “Limited by Budget” alert in the dashboard, signaling a missed opportunity. You’re losing impressions on possibly valuable keywords because your campaign organization…

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  • Running Effective PPC Campaigns In The Legal Industry

    … It’s the start of another series week here at PPC Hero! This week we’ll be looking at PPC management across different industries. See how strategy and management need to be adjusted depending on the vertical. Matt starts us off this week with a look at PPC management in the legal space. PPC advertising for attorneys and lawyers can…

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  • Is It Time for a PPC Management Quality Score?

    … their AdWords account and he had some concerns that he wanted to talk about. Can you deal with this?” Let’s stop there. To a non-tech savvy, SMB, Google is the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus. I’m not really exaggerating that much. Google carries the flaming thunderbolts of denial, disapproval, and blacklisting. Google has phenomenal, cosmic power…

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  • 13 Reasons You Should Geo-Target PPC Campaigns

    … Multiple accounts that I manage daily use city or state specific geo-targeting at the campaign level. While we have the option to use geo-bid modifiers across the campaign, this type of segmentation takes optimization to the next stage. Inside every paid search account manager, there is a control freak. Targeting campaigns at the city level…

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  • The Impact of Campaign Structure on Bid Management – Part II

    … management for long-tail keywords. Thinking Beyond the Bid To generalize this topic a bit, no component or metric in your campaigns exists in isolation. Your campaign structure, budget caps, geo-targeting segmentation, number of ads in rotation, ad scheduling, conversion tracking, attribution, and a dozen other variables will affect bid…

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  • The Impact of Campaign Structure on Bid Management – Part I

    … As an Ad Tech software company providing automated bidding & campaign management solutions, we are frequently responding to advertisers who are concerned that mysterious bidding algorithms are not optimizing their bids appropriately. When I’m tasked with reviewing bid management performance for these advertisers, I frequently find issues…

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  • Who’s Managing Your PPC? Pros and Con’s of In-House and Agency

    Once goals have been defined, budgeting and measurement plans have been established, and its been decided what strategies and tactics are going to be implemented, the next question is who will manage the PPC program? There are 3 ways to manage PPC programs: In-House Management Employ an Agency Combination of In-House and Agency (Hybrid approach) Let’s now take a look at each approach and e.

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  • AdWords Account Structure: Part Two

    … Welcome to the second and final part of my intro into AdWords account structure, this time with 100% less weather induced angst. Sadly, this post also has 100% less “The Price Is Right” and 100% more convoluted account structure theory. Last time, we covered why account structure is something we definitely need to worry about, segmentation…

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