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  • 3 Ways to Advertise on Twitter

    … business. When you have your budget figures ready, it’s time to set up advertising for the three most effective objectives: increasing followers, traffic and leads. #1: Attract New Followers Follower campaign ads are designed to increase visibility and grow your followers. They appear as Promoted Tweets in the person’s timeline, and as Promoted…

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  • JJ Watt and Gatorade Teach Us a Lesson in Video Marketing

    … online, but making them is easier said than done. The setup is what really facilitates the humor in these videos. They have made these commercials relatable, yet unexpected. It’s funny first of all because the vending machines break down. That’s annoying to begin with, but now these ordinary people are faced with ridicule or advice from Rob…

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  • The Top 20 Most Shared Online Video Ads For October 2014

    … - 113,412 SharesPeugeot: The Legend Returns - 113,340 sharesKLM: Lost & Found service - 102,877 sharesWalt Disney Studios: FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along - 87,845 sharesFriskies: Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog - 86,852 sharesGeneral Electric: Enhance Your Lighting - 85,282 sharesActivia: Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown - 74,567…

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  • Six Viral Video Myths That Refuse to Die

    … within the first 10 seconds and Pepsi Max acknowledged as the originator of the stunt 46 seconds in to the 3 ½ minute+ video. DC shoes’ legendary Gymkhana ads open with their logo and continue on to frequently promote the brand. #3 Myth: Videos Need to be Hilarious to be Shared That’s something that “Doritos® - Goat 4 Sale -- Crash the Super Bowl 2013…

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  • Unruly Rolls Out Nielsen OCR for Video Advertisers, Marketers

    … skippable pre-roll format, which features branding and sharing functionality, as well as a comprehensive suite of programmatic targeting options The Same Metrics for TV and Digital Video Advertising Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings measures the true audience of a digital ad campaign by combining Nielsen panel data with aggregated, anonymous demographic…

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  • Did YouTube’s Own Advertising Campaign Pay Off For the Site?

    … From early April to mid-May 2014, YouTube ran an ad campaign to promote three of the biggest YouTube stars with ads appearing across TV, magazines, and out-of-home advertising as well as on Google-owned properties. The three partners that YouTube chose to feature for the first phase of this ad campaign were Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota…

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  • Data-driven Creativity Produces Most Successful Video Ad Campaigns

    … to. Just as no two customers are alike, no two ads should be either. It's a rare ad that can appeal to people across demographics, geographic areas and interests, and it's not a wise move to rely on your company being one of the few that can create such a masterpiece. Instead, integrate data into your creative process to ensure that your video ads are as appealing and effective to each individual customer as possible. When creativity and data work together, the results can be revolutionary. …

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