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  • Always Remain Congruent In Your PPC Efforts

    … May 8, 2017 All clients are different and value specific metrics more than others. One of the metrics I hear about the most is conversions. As a paid search marketer, I spend my time driving traffic to our desired landing pages, but I can’t force the user to convert. That’s when I go to our trusty CRO department and ask if we can work together…

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  • The psychology of language for paid search

    … The success of your PPC campaigns may depend on the language that you’re using. Here’s how to improve it. Sophie Turton, Head of Content and PR at Bozboz, delivered an interesting presentation in Brighton SEO, offering useful tips on how to improve your language when creating PPC copy. According to Sophie Turton, people don’t buy what you do…

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  • Copywriting: Hiring A Content Professional for Your Brand

    … but it’s not used correctly. Consumers have seen this time and time again with the misuse of “their” and “they’re” or “your” and “your” in ad copy. Though these types of mistakes are disheartening, more severe cases of misuse (like those shown above) show a clear disregard for attention to detail. In turn, your consumers may begin to wonder…

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  • How to create winning ad copy using a scientific approach

    … I have a question for you: what’s the program you first turn to when creating your ad copy? If you’re like the majority of people today, your answer would be Excel. Unfortunately, that might be the wrong answer. While Excel is a fantastic program and is central to our day-to-day life in PPC, it’s not the best place to start with brainstorming…

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  • View Ad Creative Through The Eyes Of Your Searchers

    … a campaign structure after performance doesn’t skyrocket as we anticipated. Most commonly, for me, I look at ad copy I sent out into the PPC-sphere and think maybe there was a better way. So while we can wish and hope and dream all day long for a PPC crystal ball, our time would be better spent understanding two simple concepts: Ads do not live…

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  • 5 Tips For Writing Strong Facebook Ad Copy

    … Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Creative Network. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week, Dylan Barmmer, pen name “wordisborn” who has been an active writer in the Network for over five years, shares 5 tips for writing strong ad…

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  • 10 Creative And Copy Best Practices For Twitter Advertising

    … Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. Whether you’re running Twitter ads on desktop, mobile or a combination of the two, you need effective creative and copy to ensure that those ads drive revenue. What advertising elements generate clicks and downstream…

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  • For The Best PPC Ads Change Your Focus

    … You have been in business for over a decade. Potential customers respect that kind of longevity and will want to use that knowledge to decide whether to click your ad. So you open up your AdWords account and create some ads based around your businesses longevity, how reliable your business is, and how your business can be trusted. You…

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  • #TBT The Snake Oil Era

    … cancellation policy. If so, that belongs in your ad copy. What is your 21st century equivalent to Wanamaker’s money-back guarantee? Fortunately today we aren’t up against snake oil salesmen. But there are many other factors that cause psychological roadblocks to purchase. It’s important to address these concerns and call out the solution directly in ad copy. Tune in next Thursday for another modern lesson from advertising and internet history. The post #TBT The Snake Oil Era appeared first on Boost Blog. …

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  • AdWords Rolls Out Customized Creatives

    … As part of their Tools for the Power User, Google is launching customized creatives. These creatives are great for advertisers who have millions of products! How To Set It Up: In order to set up customized creatives you must navigate to the Business Data section of the AdWords Shared Library. In this new Business Data section your Ad…

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  • The PPC Play Book

    … in different industries. Most of these “plays” are meant for national lead gen, (form fills, and phone calls) though some might be very useful in local situations. 1) Name: “Competitive Play” Description/why: Find top five-ten (online) competitors research their keywords, ad copy, and display ads. How to/Example: Research online competitors…

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  • 3 Rules To Write Better Ad Copy

    … they wanted to say. Tweets max out at 140 characters. As a PPC professional, I just laughed to myself. I thought that 160 or 140 characters was voluminous. I could say what I needed to say and have room top spare. Why? Because I’d been writing PPC ads for years. I’d been selling products/services with just 95 characters! Writing Better Ad Copy Many…

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