Ad Copy Testing

    • The Five Ad Creation Methods You Should Be Testing

      September 27, 2017 Google recently rolled out new best practice recommendations for optimizing search Ads within Ad Groups. The new recommendations move away from traditional A/B Ad testing and instead focus on Google’s algorithm to determine which ad copy performs the best. Google now recommends a minimum of 5 Ads per Ad Group to give the algorithm enough data to properly determine a winner.

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  • Why IF Function Ads Need To Be In Your Testing Rotation

    … to the static nature of expanded text ads. Perhaps in a push to further automate the PPC landscape, the system is set up to favor dynamic ads? Only further testing would help answer this question. IF Ads vs. Expanded Text Ads This analysis led me to further investigate IF function ad performance in relation to expanded text ad performance. Were…

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  • Goodbye For Good Standard Text Ads

    … May 24, 2017 Last week, Bing Ads officially announced that on July 31st, 2017, it will end support for creating new and editing existing standard text ads. To help with the transition to expanded text ads, Bing Ads recently made changes to easily convert standard text ads (STA) to expanded text ads (ETA) via the Bing Ads Web UI and Bing Ads…

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  • How To Evaluate Your PPC Ad Rotation Settings

    …. This sounds minor but the impact to processes should not be understated. Identifying Opportunities What if you’d like to evaluate the two options in your own account(s)? Should you switch to optimize by clicks or rotate evenly? We can evaluate with some rough math and for this blog post, a pivot table. Note that this could be completed more easily…

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  • View Ad Creative Through The Eyes Of Your Searchers

    … in the vacuum of an excel sheet Common practices should be tested Let’s explore these concepts in line with real-life examples. Value Propositions Take a look at the top ad in the above example. The ad has checked off several boxes on the “best practices” list, including: Clear, descriptive headline Good use of character limit Sitelink extensions…

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  • The Art Of Paid Search Promotional Copy

    … to a coupon, a discount, or any other reduced “cost” to the consumer. Campaign Structure The decision of how to structure a promotional ad set very much hinges on how much you rely on promotions. Those who run promotions unrelated to any specific content may benefit from creating an entirely new “promotional” campaign, in which the targeting…

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  • Are Your Expanded Text Ads Lit?

    … July 14, 2016 Dear reader, here is a confession: I am too old to be using slang and I am especially too elderly to be trying so hard to incorporate colloquialisms into a post about Expanded Text Ads. But when Google announced earlier this year they would be ditching the right side ads and would be extending the character lengths for headlines…

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