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  • Why IF Function Ads Need To Be In Your Testing Rotation

    … based on audience or device data. If the guidelines are met the ad will show uniquely tailored messaging. If the guidelines are not met the ads will show default messaging. For example, you can show a specific message to mobile users vs. a default message to desktop users. Let’s Talk Numbers I work on an account where a bulk of the traffic…

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  • How You Can Generate More Conversions For Lead Generation Accounts

    … and looked at a map, we did find a correlation with towns near major highways. We added these smaller city locations and bid higher for these users. Of course, you can do the reverse exercise and see where users are spending without converting and remove these locations. Ad Customizers These handy ad customizers help take some of the work…

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  • ETAs Ruined My Ad Tests (& How We Can Overcome This)

    … October 18, 2016 The release of expanded text ads rocked the world of Google PPC in early 2016. And shortly thereafter Bing joined in on the fun, bringing expanded text ads to so many of us in the PPC world. But some of us got screwed. That’s right, some of us have a bone to pick with these magnanimous platforms that, yes, provided us…

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  • The Art Of Paid Search Promotional Copy

    … planning your promotions* are as follows: 1) Campaign structure: Promo campaign or simply promo ads 2) Ad testing: Yes, even in promos, Always Be Copy testing 3) Getting creative with creative: Do more than shouting out your discounts. Use Google’s fun text ad features to grab consumers’ attention. *Henceforth, let us assume that promotion can refer…

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  • 6 Google AdWords Features You Should Finally Embrace in 2015

    We saw a lot of valuable Google AdWords features being released in 2014. This January isn’t short of blog posts mentioning the many top features that were released in 2014. But even before 2014, there were many features that aren’t being used in many advertising accounts. This post is intended turn you from a bystander to an expert user of these features in your account.

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