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  • Promotion Extensions: A Quick And Easy Boost For Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

    March 8, 2017 Google’s new promotion extension is on its way to becoming one of the most effective ad extensions in an ecommerce PPC advertiser’s toolbox. It boasts a simple, quick setup and quality results. In fact, it has become the first thing I look at when new promotions roll in. While it may not always garner direct clicks (see below), it can help improve overall CTR w ...

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  • New Bing Ads Extension Scheduling Is Here And It Will Make Your Day

    … February 1, 2017 Bing Ads recently announced the release of ad extension scheduling. This means you can now control when your extensions are delivered. You’ll have the ability to reduce wasted clicks by scheduling ad extensions to display during the most ideal time for your business. Improve customer experience by catering to targeted…

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  • Ensure Bing Ads Are Part Of Your PPC Efforts

    … where your ads are performing. Bing UET Codes Bing UET tracking is nothing new. We all know that the Bing UET tracking codes allow you to track multiple goals, including: Visit duration Custom events Mobile app downloads Pages per visit Destination URLs This is more of a reminder of what it can do, including enhanced attribution. Most tracking…

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  • 5 Tips For The Travel PPC Marketer

    … competitors you will have the ability to customize your ad copy to focus on what makes you stand out among them. The last thing you want is to miss the mark and their ad copy to contain a feature that ranks them above you. Take the following chart for example. To me, the most important aspect of knowing your competitors is finding out what…

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  • 4 Strategies For Improving Your Click-To-Message Ad Extensions

    January 17, 2017 Have you ever felt the slow simmering rage from waiting more than a minute for a response from your significant other to your beyond brilliant text message? Or that lingering uncertainty of whether or not you should share that potentially offensive gif in a group text? Despite these micro-moments of apprehension, texting is a dominant form of communication and businesses are .

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  • How To Setup The Newest AdWords Extension – Message Extensions

    … November 14, 2016 AdWords has added a new, mobile-only extension called click-to-message that allows customers to communicate to you via text. This message extension allows your customer another way to reach you directly for questions, scheduling appointments, and/or quotes. This option will not make sense for all customers, but if your…

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  • Big News On Small Devices

    … This year Google has been generously handing out gifts to us lucky digital marketers. With extended ads now giving so much more space for creative copy, Google has now introduced price extensions on mobile as the newest member of the ad extension family. These nifty little extensions run prices for products and services in search ads…

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  • View Ad Creative Through The Eyes Of Your Searchers

    … Structured snippets They are in the #1 spot. Hooray! But as I look at the ad through the eyes of the searcher, and I see the competitor ads, the top ad is not the one I would click first. I would actually click the bottom two before the top. In the bottom ads, one has a strong value prop listed in Description Line 1, which allowed it to be pulled…

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