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    • Big News On Small Devices

      This year Google has been generously handing out gifts to us lucky digital marketers. With extended ads now giving so much more space for creative copy, Google has now introduced price extensions on mobile as the newest member of the ad extension family. These nifty little extensions run prices for products and services in search ads, with options for price qualifiers “from” ...

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  • View Ad Creative Through The Eyes Of Your Searchers

    … in the vacuum of an excel sheet Common practices should be tested Let’s explore these concepts in line with real-life examples. Value Propositions Take a look at the top ad in the above example. The ad has checked off several boxes on the “best practices” list, including: Clear, descriptive headline Good use of character limit Sitelink extensions…

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  • Enhance Your Google Ads with Structured Snippets

    … Enhance Your Google Ads with Structured Snippets September 8, 2015 - Posted by Jonathan Larkin to SEM & PPC It’s been almost a year since I posted about Google’s callout extensions, and they’ve returned this year with a new but very familiar way to expand and enhance your ads. Earlier this year the feature was released as “dynamic…

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  • 30 PPC Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Competition – Part 3

    … 30 PPC Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Competition – Part 3 Welcome to Part 3 and the Final part to this 3 part series on 30 PPC Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Competition click here if You missed Parts 1 & 2. Now lets crack on with Part 3 1. Add New Extensions You may want to add new ad extensions when they apply. If you have never used them…

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  • Utilize And Test Holiday Ad Copy

    … Are you covering your various bases with coupon, deal, promo language? Which works best for you? Because users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them. Test copy with numerical values such as “Save 20%” versus “20% Off.” “2 for 1 Deal” versus “Buy…

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  • Top 5 PPC Fails

    … for campaign performance. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into structure or never revisit the hierarchy after campaigns are active. Many times I log into AdWords or Bing and see the “Limited by Budget” alert in the dashboard, signaling a missed opportunity. You’re losing impressions on possibly valuable keywords because your campaign organization…

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  • Standing Out With Google AdWords Extensions

    … that you want to show off in your ad as a USP, but that you either don’t want to waste ad text space with, or perhaps they don’t serve the whole sitelink because there’s other points and other pages that you’d rather drive users to with your sitelinks. This is where call out extensions can become useful. So they’re little slots of text that appear…

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  • Driving Phone Conversions – Let’s Talk

    …-ups, we ensure that we are in front of that consumer when they do get to the final purchasing stage. Reason #2 – Lead Aggregator Concerns I think it’s safe to say that the biggest spenders in lead gen are the lead aggregators. LendingTree, ServiceMagic,, . . these brand name aggregators all have 8-figure PPC…

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  • Prepare For The Impending Mobile Ad Update

    … where mobile PPC is an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be a large portion of your strategy, but it does need to be addressed. Whether you aggressively target mobile users, set bid modifiers of -80%, or only allow visitors to call, mobile is part of the PPC game. Now that ad extensions have the potential to replace description line two, your copy…

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