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  • The Ultimate Guide to Ad Sales: How to Sell Ads Directly

    This guide covers the basics of selling advertisements directly, allowing publishers to cut out ad networks and maximize the amount of revenue they take home. Included in This Guide Should You Sell Ads On Your Website Directly? How to Sell Ads on Your Website Directly: 11 Tips & Tricks Declaring Your Independence From Ad Networks Average CPM Rates (2014) Three W ...

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  • The Ultimate Guide to AdSense & Ad Networks

    This post covers the basics of ad networks, including strategies for boosting earnings and running effective experiments. We’ll touch on a number of the large ad networks, but focus on the dominant player: Google AdSense. Everything Publishers & Bloggers Need To Know About AdSense If you’re a blogger or publisher looking to monetize a website via display advertising, odds ...

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  • U.K. Leaders Take Aim at Facebook’s Tax Bill

    …) in advertising sales in Europe, yet it paid just €2.3 million ($2.83 million) in tax, adding that the company channeled €2.9 billion ($3.56 billion) of its global revenues through Ireland, as well as paying out another €2.9 billion ($3.56 billion) in “administrative expenses,” most of which were royalty payments to the parent company. Hodge said…

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