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Ad serving describes the technology and service that places advertisements on web sites. Ad serving technology companies provide software to web sites and advertisers to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the website or advertiser most money, and monitor progress of different advertising campaigns. Ad servers are divided into two types: Publisher ad servers and advertiser (or third party) ad servers.
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  • Google’s impending data platform restrictions raise concerns

    … working with clients that were consolidating on its suite of ad tech products, she said. Razorfish, which was using Atlas as its ad server at the time, and was therefore not included in those plans. “The idea is you create difficulties, then you create a solution,” Tweed said of Google prohibiting DMPs. And that solution is to use Google at every stage…

    John Mcdermott/ Digiday- 19 readers -
  • 5 things we learned about Facebook in 2014

    … of the launch. And more features — such as a so-called demand-side platform (DSP), through which advertisers could bid on ad impressions across multiple exchanges — are expected soon. Facebook’s user data will also be integrated with LiveRail, which provides video advertising technology to publishers, thus letting advertisers use Facebook data to target…

    John Mcdermott/ Digidayin Social- 16 readers -
  • Navigating The Modern Ad Serving Stack, Part 1: Direct Orders

    … the point-of-view of the publisher; after all, they ultimately call the shots when it comes to how their ad inventory is served from a technology and priority perspective. The diagram below illustrates how modern publishers prioritize delivery within their ad serving stacks to capitalize on business from both direct orders and programmatic channels…

    Ratko Vidakovic/ Marketing Landin Display- 24 readers -
  • Programmatic’s biggest challenges: Talent, education, fraud

    … last-click attribution being far too narrow a way to judge a campaign’s performance. But it’s no coincidence Sandberg’s comments are timed with Facebook’s launching of Atlas, the company’s own ad server and attribution product. “Media clarity and quality” The Internet has wreaked havoc on brand-name publishers, with many of them discovering…

    John Mcdermott/ Digiday- 13 readers -
  • Why Tag Management Isn’t Really About Web Site Analytics Anymore

    … technology reduces direct user touching by third-party tags (and their web servers) to just the first time that a specific user is “seen” by the TMS, i.e., it virtually eliminates all browser-based calls after the initial access point. In other words, all subsequent pages or event tracking is realized by making the tags fire “in the cloud.” Why Server-Side…

    Marketing Land- 13 readers -
  • Clickganic advertising platform raises $300K from Clickky and a business-angel

    … of this deal for Clickky is aiding the development of Clickganic’s ad server, which would then be used in scaling our media buying. We’ll also help them increase the number of publishers and advertisers, while building a cutting-edge platform.” Clickky is the largest mobile app marketing platform in Eastern Europe, focused on user acquisition…

    KJ Rocker- 8 readers -
  • 10 Bargaining Chips for Negotiating a Direct Media Buy

    …-negotiate: After you’ve negotiated your ideal media buy, measure the performance with an ad server. You’ll want all of this data so you can use these metrics when re-negotiating your next media buy or negotiating another media buy with a similar publisher. When negotiating, don’t give up all of your data at once. Turn your poker face on and stand…

    MixRankin Display- 3 readers -
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