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  • The Highest Paying Non-Standard Ad Types by RPM

    … they display on their websites. By split testing and rotating the ads you display on a certain spot, you can determine what ad network is earning you more money by serving more valuable ads to your site users.Ad Injection is a free plugin you can use to rotate these ads and determine which network makes you the most. In conclusion, the above…

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  • 7 Reasons Why Is A Great Alternative To Google Adsense

    … At Monetize Pros, we consider it our responsibility to keep pace with how ad networks are faring in their performance for publishers. That’s the reason we regularly blog on ad networks and their pros and cons for various kinds of publishers. This post is not a revelation but a deep dive into an ad network that has shot to the front and center…

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  • Which Ad Networks Will Go Bankrupt Next

    … 2016 has been a crazy year with the growth of header bidding, ad block usage and the drop in Google’s share of publishers’ ad inventories. Things have definitely been shaken up last year and as a result two major bankruptcies have occurred. While Say Media technically isn’t bankrupt, they seem pretty close according to many publishers that used…

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  • Highest Paying AdSense Alternatives of 2017

    … relationships with top media buyers who provide lucrative monetization solutions for display, video, and mobile content. It is a CPM/CPC advertising network with a minimum payout threshold of just $100 paid on NET 30 basis. bRealtime’s managed demand solution guarantees 100% fill with other tags that can be set with min CPMs and passbacks. By far…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Ad Testing & Optimization

    …… Don’t optimize for RPM Ad optimization is most effective when you monitor it per user session, not per page. Keeping a user engaged on your site has become more important than ever. If you encourage your user to view more pages, the number of ads viewed will increase along with overall revenue. Many publishers use RPM as their guiding data point…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Ad Serving & Optimization

    … Serving For websites that generate revenue from display advertising, there are a number of opportunities to make optimizations to improve overall earnings. Between ad colors and fonts, page layouts, and even different networks, you’ll have no shortage of experiments to run and incremental improvements to make. One such opportunity you may not have…

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