Ad Testing

  • Why IF Function Ads Need To Be In Your Testing Rotation

    … to the static nature of expanded text ads. Perhaps in a push to further automate the PPC landscape, the system is set up to favor dynamic ads? Only further testing would help answer this question. IF Ads vs. Expanded Text Ads This analysis led me to further investigate IF function ad performance in relation to expanded text ad performance. Were…

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  • ETAs Ruined My Ad Tests (& How We Can Overcome This)

    … October 18, 2016 The release of expanded text ads rocked the world of Google PPC in early 2016. And shortly thereafter Bing joined in on the fun, bringing expanded text ads to so many of us in the PPC world. But some of us got screwed. That’s right, some of us have a bone to pick with these magnanimous platforms that, yes, provided us…

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  • The Art Of Paid Search Promotional Copy

    … planning your promotions* are as follows: 1) Campaign structure: Promo campaign or simply promo ads 2) Ad testing: Yes, even in promos, Always Be Copy testing 3) Getting creative with creative: Do more than shouting out your discounts. Use Google’s fun text ad features to grab consumers’ attention. *Henceforth, let us assume that promotion can refer…

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  • Why You Can’t Just Trust Your Split Test Stats

    … those stats! A true split test means that the variables run at the same time and under the same circumstances. If you have an ad “a” running for one week, followed by ad “b” running the week after – then your split test has been compromised. The world changes quickly and the events, situations, and competitor ads that influence your experiment…

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  • Looking Forward To AdWords Ad Customizers

    … after the first upload. Conclusion Ad customizers are the first of (hopefully) many new features to come. Rather than changing the way the current system works, Google has added completely new functionality that should please just about anyone. I’m personally looking forward to further testing with the ad customizers. I’m looking forward to both…

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  • Ad Testing Scenarios For Low-Converting Campaigns

    … extend the timeline. For questions of when to pause a keyword or add negatives, we open the timeframe to incorporate 90 days or 120 days. However, ad testing is a little more complicated. In most campaigns, ad testing can run for 30-60 day intervals, but if the campaign only gets ten conversions in 60 days, it may not be enough data to conclude…

    Kristina Mclane/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 15 readers -
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