Ad filtering or ad blocking is removing or altering advertising content in a webpage. Advertising can exist in a variety of forms including pictures, animations, embedded audio and video, text, or pop-up windows and can employ autoplay of audio and video. It is a known problem with most web browsers, including Firefox, that restoring sessions often plays multiple embedded ads at once. All browsers offer some solution to the problem, either by targeting technologies (Flash/Shockwave, Window Media files, etc.) that are used to deliver ads, targeting URLs that are the source of ads, or targeting behavioural characteristic of ads (such as the use of HTML5 autoplay of both audio and video).
Posts about Adblocking
  • DAMN: The AdBlocking Wars Continue

    … In what appears to be a constant back and forth between publishers and ad blocking companies, AdBlock Plus has made the next move. Just a few days ago Facebook announced that they are taking steps to prevent ad blockers from blocking ads on their desktop version of the site. The move made ads get published in a way that is more similar…

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Social- 16 readers -
  • Ad Blocking and Its Effects on Advertisers and Publishers

    … Published 13 mins ago 27 Ad blocking is nothing new for most internet users. Closing a pop up is practically instinctive, and more and more people are downloading ad-blocking software to their computers each day. Ad-blocking software prevents ads from being served. While most internet users are fine with this, many also don’t realize how…

    Relevancein Display- 16 readers -
  • Battle of the Bots: How CAPTCHA Could Revive Publishing

    …, we can all agree that it’s getting harder and harder to make a real impact when it comes to consumer engagement and brand awareness online. The Rise of Ad-Blocking & Traffic Fraud Ad-blocking and traffic fraud are the culprits that most point fingers at when discussion turns to the dismal state of publishing we face today. Consumers…

    Danielle Look/ Relevancein Display How To's- 8 readers -
  • Eight online marketing statistics we've seen this week

    … by 2020. Here's bucketloads of information on Chinese culture and digital. Adblocking on the rise A study by PageFair has found a 69% increase in adblock users in the last year. The number now stands at approximately 144m active adblock users (4.9% of all internet users). 27.6% of internet users polled in the US claim that they employ adblock software…

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Social Facebook Twitter- 3 readers -
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