• The X Factor: What the new iPhone could do for mobile app and ad UX

    … Last week, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th birthday by debuting its newest incarnation, the iPhone X. The X’s new edge-to-edge screen is a mobile developer’s dream: No longer is it a phone that can play media; it’s now definitively a media platform that happens to include a phone. In 2007, consumers vastly underutilized the iPhone’s…

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  • “AR is the new QR:” Lessons in interactive mobile

    People are always looking at mobile ads, but that doesn’t mean they’re seeing them. Without the widespread ability to track eyeballs—yet—advertisers are looking to add in interactive elements to their campaigns to make sure the $80 billion plus spent on mobile advertising is actually capturing people’s attention.

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  • 6 months in: Which mobile formats are living up to 2017 predictions?

    It’s as reliable as your post-New Year’s Eve hangover. Every year, industry executives and self-proclaimed “thought leaders” cough up a dizzying array of trend pieces and prediction roundups to tell you what’s going to be hot–and not–in the coming year. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong, but we rarely stop to take stock of how accurate these predictions may be.

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