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  • Selling Online: Detecting Your Prospect’s Buying Triggers

    … phrased different ways in different product areas. On an e-commerce catalog, that call to action may first just say “Add to Cart.” But fundamentally, we’re asking the prospect to buy the thing they’re adding to their cart. Other times, buy now may be phrased in terms of the product you’re looking to buy. Such as Become a Member or Build My Plan…

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  • Thrive Market’s Shopping Cart is Brilliantly Enticing

    …. After finding some healthy snacks, I added a few to my shopping cart. I clicked the basket to see how many items I had in there and was blown away by what I saw next. Notice the very bottom of the cart? As I began to float my mouse over the Check Out button, directly beneath it states: Add $2 to your cart and get free shipping! They got me. I…

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