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  • Selling Online: Detecting Your Prospect’s Buying Triggers

    … want to fix their problems – which of course, may encourage them to buy. The fix it call-to-action is geared towards making your prospect’s problem go away. Quick Sprout has a great fix it call-to-action on their home page. They identify the problem: you don’t have enough traffic. Want to fix it? Then sign up. The fix it call-to-action can…

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  • Thrive Market’s Shopping Cart is Brilliantly Enticing

    …. After finding some healthy snacks, I added a few to my shopping cart. I clicked the basket to see how many items I had in there and was blown away by what I saw next. Notice the very bottom of the cart? As I began to float my mouse over the Check Out button, directly beneath it states: Add $2 to your cart and get free shipping! They got me. I…

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  • What You Should be Tracking to Smash Your Conversion Goals

    … and in-text links are rarely worth tracking, except in rare situations. 2. Track meaningful interaction Look for things that you’d want potential customers to do. In the case of e-commerce, it’s the Add to Cart link and the Checkout button, and some of the pages along the critical path to those. A Request a Quote form or a contact form used for lead…

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