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  • How To Use Instagram For Business: A Beginner’s Guide

    … If you’re reading this post, you’ve already realized one fundamental thing: Instagram is a critically important social network. The photo-sharing app is not only important for retailers, restaurants, or travel companies; as one of the most effective brand-building tools available today, Instagram is increasingly important for every kind…

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  • The Dos (and Don’ts) of Asking Employees to Share Your Social Media Updates

    … This post originally appeared on Medium. It’s an open secret among social media teams at some of the world’s largest companies. One of the fastest ways to tap into a big social media audience is already on the payroll. A company’s own employees can represent a kind of internal social media army. And when important messages need to be spread far…

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  • How to Drive Value by Empowering Employees on Social Media

    ….” In this white paper, learn about the importance of implementing and scaling social media education across your organization in order to benefit from: The power of employee brand advocates Better connections for social selling Reducing risk by improving knowledge “What drives a company’s success? Adaptability and a focus on people. Great…

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  • 6 Questions Your Social Media Bio Should Help Answer

    … Your social media bio is like a business card: a quick, pithy way to show your new audience what you’re all about. Previously, we have discussed the general rules for setting up social media bios, as well as special considerations for each of the major social networks. Now, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Composing your bio is one…

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  • 3 Digital Leaders Reveal How They Manage Social Media

    … “No one owns social, yet everyone owns it.” That was one insight shared in our recent webinar “Navigating Social: Cutting Through Complexity.” You can watch it here. In the webinar, we asked three experts to share their best tips for structuring teams, enabling employee advocates, and ensuring consistency as more business divisions and partners…

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  • Want Secure and Compliant Social Media? It Starts With Education

    … When speaking about social media with marketing and compliance teams in regulated markets, the conversation often revolves around tools and supervision. This is only one step in the process. Some of the most polished and well-thought out social organizations are making education a central part of their process. Making education the center…

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  • How to Structure Enterprise Social Media Teams

    … Large companies often ask us: what’s the best way to structure social media teams when you need to support multiple brands, product lines, business divisions and geographies? Do you need a dedicated team for each product line such as watches, clothes, houseware, and camping gear? And what if you work with partners, external agencies…

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  • How One Publisher Increased Employee Engagement by 90%

    … Social media adoption can pose many challenges for larger organizations. The more staff you employ, the more time-consuming it is to ensure the digital skill level is on par across all roles and departments. Education publisher Wiley faced an all-too familiar challenge—multiple social accounts with no unified strategy and little inter…

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  • Social Customer Service: Why It Pays To Meet Your Customers On Social Media

    … Did you know that 3 out of 10 people would rather reach out to a business on social media instead of picking up the phone? The growth of social media has transformed the nature of the conversation between businesses and their clients. Instead of occurring behind closed doors on a private phone line, the majority of customers’ questions…

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  • How Complex Businesses Can Navigate Social Media

    Creating a social media strategy for your business can be tough. Creating a social media strategy for an enterprise with many departments, offices and even brands? That is a real challenge. But it is essential, and it’s far from impossible if you have the right approach. Cutting through corporate complexity is crucial to your social media success.

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  • How Innovative Governments Organize Their Social Media Teams

    … The way a government organizes its social media can have a substantial impact on security and efficiency. In this post, you’ll gain practical steps. You can also find complete guidance in our new free resource, From Tweets to Impact. At Hootsuite, we’ve seen a lot of innovative social media strategies in the government sector. We watched…

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