• Advertising Tips When You Are Just Starting Out

      A common misconception among startup entrepreneurs is that traction is more important than revenue in the early days of business. And it is possible that this strategy could be a good basis for the following advertising tips. But this tactic will only be helpful to you if your business is flush with VC funding and if you want to increase your valuation by scaling up really fast.

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  • Bing Ads Announces End of Standard Text Ads

    … will continue to serve in search results, however edits to existing ads will require to update the ad to the EXTA format. As many advertisers and Boost customers saw after the Google AdWords deadline passed on January 31st earlier this year, expecting your expanded text ads to outperform STAs is not a guarantee. Beginning the testing and transition…

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  • Improving Your Ad Copy – How to Do It, and What It Looks Like

    … The term “advertising copy” (ad copy) is admittedly pretty broad. There are plenty of ways you can spend your advertising dollars online. There’s social media advertising, search engine marketing/pay-per-click, display ads, banner ads…we could go on. But for the purpose of this post, let’s talk about the online advertising you likely use that requires the [...] Read More... The post Improving Your Ad Copy – How to Do It, and What It Looks Like appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • Don’t Put Ads on Your Blog

    … Ads are still the primary way that bloggers try to make an income online. But is it really the best solution? Probably not. There seems to be a common perception (among newer bloggers in particular) that the best way to make an income with a blog is to write content and then put some kind of advert in the sidebar or at the top of each post. I…

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  • Google AdWords Upgrades Dynamic Search Ads

    … Google AdWords has recently made a number of improvements to Dynamic Search Ads which they claim to make the service better and more effective than ever. Here’s what you need to know: More Control Page Feeds essentially allows advertisers to dictate precise URLs for use with Dynamic Search Ads. What this does is that it helps Dynamic Search Ad…

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  • A Day in the Life Of: Head of Brand Partnerships at ATTN:

    … team, as well as your clients’ projects? TC: Since ATTN: does not sell pre-roll or display ads, all of our brand partnerships projects are bespoke, custom content. We build everything from scratch in-house, which means that project management and organizational tools are an incredibly important aspect of our business. We rely on Trello as a project…

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