• Podcast Advertising Is Coming of Age

      With the unbelievable growth of podcasting over the years, I feel as though the industry has been slow to adapt advertising technologies to it. There’s little or no reason why the same advertising strategies developed for video couldn’t be applied to podcasting – even just pre-roll ads, for example.

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    • Sales and Marketing Acronyms

      It seems every week, I’m seeing or learning another acronym. Well, time to share them all in one nice post thanks to the team at Blueadz, who made this amazing infographic, 60 Marketing & Sales Acronyms Everyone Needs to Know. Sales Acronyms ABC: Always Be Closing This is the first of the sales acronyms you should learn as a young sales rep! It’s pretty much the way it works.

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    • 2018 RSW/US Marketer-Agency New Year Outlook

      If you ask a dozen marketing agency owners what they do, whether or not they’re growing, and how they profit from services they offer… I’m fairly certain you’ll get a dozen different answers from each. I have little doubt we all love what we do for our customers, but we all find a path we’re good at and head that direction.

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  • Constellation: Benchmark Your Social Advertising Performance

    … Quantifi, a social media ad experimentation platform, has launched the Constellation Scorecard, a free tool that creates a custom report detailing your social ad performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Constellation Scorecard uses machine learning to sift through thousands of anonymous data points collected across digital ad…

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  • What is an Ad Server? How does Ad Serving Work?

    …, though, where advertisers can target, bid, and place advertising. What is an Ad Server Ad servers are the systems that automate the request, bidding, and serving of those ads as well as the reporting on the performance of the campaigns executed. Here’s an overview video from Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), Google’s Ad Server: The Ad Serving…

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  • RetargetLinks: Target Ads to Third-Party Sites You Share

    … with advertisements on those sites. Search retargeting – place advertisements on pages that are winning search rankings that you’d like to advertise to. retargetLinks displays ads through all major exchanges, including Google, Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, OpenX, BrightRoll, Pulsepoint, millennialmedia, Aerserv,, LiveRail, mopub…

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  • Celtra AdCreator: Digital Display and Video Advertising CMP

    … AdCreator is built with over 50 advanced drag and drop components and more than 200 pre-tested, customizable features for ad creation. Built-in templates speed up design, development, and ensure consistency, including Store Locator, Inline Video Player, Galleries, Social Sharing and more. All components and features of AdCreator are tested…

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  • Why Carrier Data Is the Key to Unlocking Mobile Verification

    … Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of 2017 in adtech. Brands like P&G are placing new demands on agencies and media providers for increased transparency and accountability, which in turn has led to significant advances in areas like viewability. The next battleground is clearly verifying the data accuracy of the underlying…

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  • Social’s Media’s Road to Longevity under GDPR

    …, Snapchat’s parent company IPO-ing earlier this year. However, from a legislation perspective, the future of social and audience outreach will hinge on clear consent as we see the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May next year. Social media will be thrust into the world of opt-in marketing and consumer communication might…

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  • Get DK New Media’s Marketing Campaign Checklist Here!

    … As DK New Media continues to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their strategies that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. I’ve been developing an on-demand digital marketing curriculum with a regional university to help bridge this gap. It’s based on the framework I…

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  • Attribution and Measurement  is Creating a Data Management Arms Race

    … their customers, and one of the biggest problems is filling in that blind spot in customer intelligence.” Neil Sweeney, founder and CEO of beacon network company Freckle IoT, has expressed how the marketplace is trending toward measurement and attribution – but he sees marketing tech as basically the same thing as measurement. Location is the tactic…

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  • AdButler: WordPress Integrated Ad Serving

    If you’ve got a WordPress site and want to manage ads for your advertisers, AdButler may be the best option on the market. The WordPress integration via widgets makes building and deploying ad zones a piece of cake, and the AdButler system is highly customizable, flexible, scalable, and even offers whitelabeling.

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