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    • Data Driven Attribution: The Future for PPC?

      September 29, 2017 Over the past week or so, I’ve spent quite some time thinking about the future. Not my future per se, but rather the future of digital advertising. A few months ago, I was perusing LinkedIn, catching up on some industry blogs since being out for three months (See It Takes A Village: Keeping Up With The PPC Industry).

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    • How To Better Organize Your Shopping Campaigns: A Tiered PLA Structure

      There are multiple approaches and strategies to organizing Shopping campaigns for PPC. All of these will vary greatly depending on the brand, the number of products, the price of products, the type of products, feed organization, and the list keeps going. However, I have narrowed account-wide Shopping structures down to two options.

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  • PPC Persona Targeting for the Fitness & Health Industry

    … September 5, 2017 When developing a PPC strategy for your health/wellness/fitness business, it can be helpful to start by building out personas. What is a persona, you may ask? Here’s Hubspot’s definition: “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing…

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  • Reasons Why You Should Consider Call Recording

    … August 29, 2017 Over the years, we have come across many clients who are not tracking phone calls. There are advertisers who get significant volume of phone calls. If your PPC accounts are missing this type of conversion, you could be making critical bidding errors. Whenever I am optimizing an account, I would rather have as much data…

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  • Google Target Outranking Share Bid Strategy Success

    … August 24, 2017 A major focus over at the Google headquarters in 2017 has been to increase automated bid offering within the AdWords platform. They have refined existing methods and added new capabilities. Approached with a unique situation earlier in the year, our client team decided to place our personal experiences and hesitancy…

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  • Finding Seasonality in Your PPC Accounts

    …, meaning each month was inherently different beyond basic performance. The same goes for modeling account activity. Recently Jacob Brown and Emma Franks have covered How To Use Historical AdWords Data To Create Your Own Bid Simulator and Using Excel Regressions To Better Understand KPIs. Both of which benefit by defining and adjusting for any trends…

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  • Using Excel Regressions To Better Understand KPIs

    … without an advanced statistical software (such as STATA). In this post, I’ll share the step-by-step for setting up and running regressions in Excel, and how this tool can help in your PPC analyses and account management. Excuse Me, I Regress Before we dig into the technical implementation, you might be wondering to yourself, “What in the world…

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  • How To Migrate To Google Tag Manager

    … resources. Tags are vital for conversion tracking and measuring results. The ability to quickly update and modify tags can be game changing. One of the most common hesitations in moving forward is not knowing how to talk about GTM and not understanding the process. This article will cover the standard process of migrating your tags to GTM…

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  • Google’s Update To Close Variants: 3 Ways To Combat Even Less Exact Match

    …) Single Match Type Ad Groups This may sound or seem obvious, but more times than not, single match type strategies are not always followed depending on the original account set up or type. By having only exact match ad groups separated from our other match types, it will make it easier when looking at search term reports and filtering out bad “exact…

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  • How To Evaluate Your PPC Ad Rotation Settings

    …. This sounds minor but the impact to processes should not be understated. Identifying Opportunities What if you’d like to evaluate the two options in your own account(s)? Should you switch to optimize by clicks or rotate evenly? We can evaluate with some rough math and for this blog post, a pivot table. Note that this could be completed more easily…

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  • Bidding in a Mobile Centric 2017

    … February 23, 2017 In early February, I hosted a Hanapin Marketing Webinar about the State of Mobile in 2017 and discussed numerous mobile changes and details to help take our mobile strategies to the next level. Since that discussion, I have continued to strategize on how I can improve results with the ever-changing landscape of mobile…

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  • Set Up Account-Wide PPC Promos In Less Than 5 Minutes

    … January 4, 2017 We all need that friend to lean on from time to time, and there is no difference when it comes to a highly active ecommerce PPC account. A plethora of deals and promotions come and go throughout the year, especially around the holidays. During these hectic times, it is easy to spread account initiatives too thin. In this post…

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  • Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

    … December 23, 2016 As search professionals, we’re always assessing the overall state of our PPC programs. If performance isn’t constantly monitored, we’re sure to find out one day that the campaigns we thought were doing well are not hitting goals or worst case scenario, losing money. For this very reason, most account managers create intricate…

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  • Ad Impression Share: Quantity Or Quality?

    December 19, 2016 If I were to ask, “Which is more important: quantity or quality?”, most of you would probably respond with a resounding “Quality!” But then, I’m the CEO of a PPC marketing agency—a field that is intimately tied to quantity. So I might follow up with, “Great! Can you tell me what a ‘high quality’ ad impression share is?” **Cue the chirping crickets** Whe ...

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