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    • How To Migrate To Google Tag Manager

      April 26, 2017 Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a useful tool for organizing and maintaining your digital marketing tags. It provides a centralized platform for managing tags and events outside of the site’s source code. It makes it a fantastic resource for marketers. It can help them implement tags on their own without relying on limited developer resources.

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  • Google’s Update To Close Variants: 3 Ways To Combat Even Less Exact Match

    …) Single Match Type Ad Groups This may sound or seem obvious, but more times than not, single match type strategies are not always followed depending on the original account set up or type. By having only exact match ad groups separated from our other match types, it will make it easier when looking at search term reports and filtering out bad “exact…

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  • How To Evaluate Your PPC Ad Rotation Settings

    … March 28, 2017 Ad rotation is one of the forgotten settings. Everyone has a preference, “always rotate indefinitely” or “always optimize by conversions” but the chosen settings often reflect the manager’s default preference rather than the settings utility. Rather than a preference, the setting should be used as a tool and subject for further…

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  • Bidding in a Mobile Centric 2017

    … February 23, 2017 In early February, I hosted a Hanapin Marketing Webinar about the State of Mobile in 2017 and discussed numerous mobile changes and details to help take our mobile strategies to the next level. Since that discussion, I have continued to strategize on how I can improve results with the ever-changing landscape of mobile…

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  • Set Up Account-Wide PPC Promos In Less Than 5 Minutes

    …. For the sake of this post, I will continue as if we are using two versions. At this point, your template structure should look similar to this: Once you make it to this step, the hard part is over! You now will need to add the necessary column headings to create an Expanded Text Ad. I find it best to have them in this order, starting in Column…

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  • Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

    … December 23, 2016 As search professionals, we’re always assessing the overall state of our PPC programs. If performance isn’t constantly monitored, we’re sure to find out one day that the campaigns we thought were doing well are not hitting goals or worst case scenario, losing money. For this very reason, most account managers create intricate…

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  • Ad Impression Share: Quantity Or Quality?

    … December 19, 2016 If I were to ask, “Which is more important: quantity or quality?”, most of you would probably respond with a resounding “Quality!” But then, I’m the CEO of a PPC marketing agency—a field that is intimately tied to quantity. So I might follow up with, “Great! Can you tell me what a ‘high quality’ ad impression share…

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  • When You Need To Have The Right Words Use Phrase Match

    … October 27, 2016 In early 2014, I wrote a post at a previous agency that outlined the proper way of breaking out match types that I had started to implement with some fellow colleagues once enhanced campaigns came out the prior year. After the initial creation of these campaign types, I continued to optimize and create a larger strategy around…

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Display Network Performance By Using Layered Targeting

    … August 29, 2016 Display campaigns can be difficult when it comes to targeting the right audience. In fact, many campaigns end up utilizing a single main targeting type such as: Keywords Topics Interests/behavior through affinity or in-market segments Managed placements These are all great strategies, but can still leave the targeting broader…

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  • Measuring Conversions Post Converted Clicks: Help For The Lead Gen Advertiser

    … August 2, 2016 Last week fellow PPC Hero Emma Franks wrote a great article about Google’s decision to retire its converted clicks metric. The paid search industry has shifted away from strict adherence to a last click attribution model to more flexible models that consider the entire customer journey. Tracking this journey has led Google…

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  • Leveraging Analytics For Remarketing: Picking The Ripest Fruit

    …, don’t require a complicated strategy to re-engage customers. The same cannot be said about the product we’ll examine for the remainder of this blog. For reference, the item is created through a multi-layered customization process. While the design is intuitive and user-friendly, our audience needs time to digest the options at hand. Given this obstacle…

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  • [New Toolkit!] The Essential PPC Toolkit For Education

    …, and a webinar recording. The materials included will give you a better understanding of PPC for Higher Education businesses, as well as information on new regulations to be aware of, bid strategies and enrollment mapping. The toolkit contains: Take control of your Search Marketing for Education. Download Now!…

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  • One Excel Trick To Nail Your Budget Projections

    … As a PPC account manager, the most critical eye— Sauron’s eye— is often cast on your ability to analyze and optimize; to study data and extract actionable insights that make the top line metrics like cost per click, cost per acquisition, or return on ad spend, trend towards a marketing goal. With these types of demands, and the pressure…

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  • Why The Purchase Funnel is Important For Your Campaign Structure

    … PPC strategy, we can increase our chances of being top of mind when that user decides to make a purchase. The First Interaction Let me show you the purchase funnel: Image Source The campaign structures I mention above fit more towards the Consideration and Purchase sections of the funnel, where a user is actively looking to buy. While…

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