Advanced Seo Topics

  • Why do we link to other websites?

    … New research shows that organic links on the web often exist for explicitly promotional reasons. A study of linking behaviour on the web was conducted between May and June 2016 in hope to understand the following: Why web publishers link … The post appeared first on DEJAN…

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  • SEO for Multilingual eCommerce Websites

    During the last 5 years of doing SEO for eCommerce websites, I noticed that most store owners have a hard time with optimization for multiple languages. In this article I’ll try to explain some common misconceptions and tell you how to avoid 7 most common mistakes! Let’s start with the most common misconception about multilingual SEO: You need to translate your entire websit ...

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  • Experiment Results: Can Hidden Content Rank Well?

    … Wednesday March 18, 2015 Categories: Advanced SEO Topics Experiments Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Facebook E-mail Background Last month I learned that one of our clients had a legal requirement to display a lightbox-style notification prior to allowing access to full page content. We tested performance of content behind tabs in the past…

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  • Conversations With Google: Media Index

    … to index our phone calls with the approval of our contacts. This would enable us to search for specific terms or people and give us insights and statistics into our communication style. Imagine looking at Voice Analytics with a breakdown of contacts, conversation topics, key terms, durations and so much more. Eventually this type of data will find its…

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  • Link Juice Hack for PDF Files

    … the same way as web native, HTML links. SEO Implications Webmasters hoping to maximise value of inbound links should ensure links go to their HTML assets. Any inbound links PDFs receive will help the ranking of the document itself, but the signals will not flow through to the rest of the publisher’s website, despite the presence of links within the PDF…

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  • Google Reclassifies Certain Types of Thin Content Pages

    We have new data which shows that the 25th October spike wasn’t part of the gradual Penguin 3 roll-out. It appears the update had a lot to do with on-page factors and is (among other things) related to how Google treats thin content pages and soft 404s. This was first spotted by Martin Reed, who noticed that Google changed the status of our purposely blank untitled.

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  • Link Memory: SEO Experiment Result

    In April 2014 an experiment designed to test the influence of anchor text on URL rewriting showed positive results. Google chose inbound link anchor text value to override uninformative page title in SERPs. After the first stage of the experiment had concluded we removed all inbound links to the test page.

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  • Co-Occurrence as a Ranking Signal

    … my results in a speradsheet.* Summary of my initial findings was as follows: - Relationship with the author (friends, peers, email exchange) - Connectivity with the author online (circles, mentions, following) - Content sharing (articles, videos, book recommendations, ratings) - Personal and professional interests (SEO, marketing, science fiction…

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  • How I made Google index its own search results

    … Jim Munro spotted an interesting anomaly in Google’s search results the other day, a case of Google indexing its own search results. This is not something you see every day. I went to investigate and noticed that all Google’s URLs returned in this search query had one thing in common – //.… The post appeared first on DEJAN SEO. …

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