• It’s Time to Quit… IMP#30

    … There’s conflicting advice out there for an entrepreneur like you: on the one hand, we’re told to never give up, to pick ourselves up and keep going after each failure and scramble over any obstacle in our way. On the other hand, we’re told to be smart and know when to quit, because you don’t want to be endlessly fighting a losing battle, right…

    Shane/ IM Impact- 26 readers -
  • The Power Of Teamwork

    …Power Of Teamwork I was enjoying watching my five year old son play football the other day. He spent most the game chasing the ball, admittedly a lot of the time not actually getting anywhere near it, but what interested me was that even as five year olds there was a distinct structure to how…

    Gordon Robinson/ Work With Gordon- 7 readers -
  • The Art Of Building Online Relationships

    …Does anyone really understand the art of Building Online Relationships? And just before you think I have flipped my lid, I am not talking about online dating! I am talking about networking and communicating through chat channels, groups and various social media outlets. I am in the process of building an online business. My brand…

    Gordon Robinson/ Work With Gordon- 3 readers -
  • Positive Thinking Your Key to Success

    Jack Canfield has a new wealth program. Check for Details The main teachers behind The Secret have launched a new program and it is based on employing the Law of Attraction to create wealth. Now you can learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" to create whatever you want in life - be it money, love or happiness - and genera ...

    Gordon Robinson/ Work With Gordon- 7 readers -
  • Deal with Adversity And Achieve Your Dreams

    …Have you ever seen the movie Rudy? Well until this week I hadn’t even heard of it and amazingly I heard it twice in two different conversations that were describing people who had overcome adversity and eventually achieved their dreams. Daniel Ruettiger (nicknamed “Rudy”) is actually a real person and his story holds a lot […]…

    Gordon Robinson/ Work With Gordon- 6 readers -
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