• 8 Types of Effective Advertising Campaigns That Can Generate Hype

      Except: It’s influential, it’s useful, it’s dependable, companies love to explore it, and it gives them the edge over their rivals. Advertisement campaigns are tailor-made for firms to create the maximum noise and impact. The process is one of the optimum ways to influence the audience and to intercept their perception and mind.

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  • Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Small Business Be Successful

    … Have you noticed that there are two types of entrepreneurs? Those who run rapidly developing companies and those who just get stuck ‘getting-by’. What makes them different? It is basically based on one thing: How strong their marketing strategies are and how effective they are. Regrettably, marketing as a whole topic is often viewed…

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  • 5 Game-Changing Non-Linear Marketing Campaigns Defy Traditional Marketing

    … to Gary Viray, founder of Propeller, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that has executed successful non-linear marketing campaigns for various brands. To understand how non-linear marketing works and how your business can benefit from it, learn from the experiences of these five non-linear digital marketing campaigns that engaged consumers…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Sales When You Have Nothing

    … There’s a saying in the world of business that goes as, “It doesn’t need to be good, it needs to sell well.” What this means in the real world, is the power of sales. And as weird as this statement might seem, there’s no denying that a good product sold badly is even worse than a bad product that is sold well! So, if you’re looking at improving…

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  • Coca Cola New Ad: The Elevator to Heaven – When DeePee leads the way

    … Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the Coca-Cola ad that features Deepika Padukone. If you haven’t, then Google it right now because it will blow your mind away! Let me tell you why. My favourite celebrity and me together in one elevator? *Gasp* I can’t even… So, first off, there is no way I wouldn’t have passed out if my favourite celebrity…

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoop- 14 readers -
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