• Five Steps to Preparing Your E-commerce Holiday Sales Marketing Today

      The holiday season is indeed the busiest time of the year and it is also full of opportunities that could increase the sales of business and attract more customers. And during the last two months of the year, holiday shopping season starts which makes the customer and other businesses strive harder.

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    • 4 Simple Tips For Ensuring Remarketing Success

      Did you know that most online businesses only convert around 2% of their traffic? This means that upwards of 98% of your traffic – thousands of potential customers – are visiting your website and leaving without buying or signing up for anything. It doesn’t matter how much amazing content you develop or how great your SEO is.

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  • 11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

    … If you want to promote your business, you simply have to advertise it. Traditional marketing can be very costly, but there are alternatives that will fit your budget easily, and might actually be more beneficial for your brand. Facebook Ad is one of them. Social media marketing is a huge thing right now, so you definitely should…

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  • 6 Easy Ways To Improve Facebook Ads Relevance Score

    … Advertising on social media has become a huge thing in the recent years, which led to many companies rushing to the market and trying to engage potential customers. This, however, has led to a lot of users being unhappy about getting bombarded by various ads, which forced Facebook into creating relevance score which was supposed to make both…

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  • Understanding the Impact of Digital Signage for Business Promotion

    … aspects. What exactly is digital signage? Digital signage can be said as the method of portraying the innovative content like public announcements, and advertisements on the electronic screen. Digital signs play the content information from the media player. This player, in turn, receives the data from a specific source like a hard drive or USB port…

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  • [Infographic] Diwali 2016-2017 SEMrush study

    … their business. Before shaping a digital marketing or sales strategy throughout the holiday season, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: you should really know who the purchasing audience is and what is the state of digital affairs, surrounding Diwali. We know that Diwali highly encourages people to celebrate the holiday…

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  • 8 Types of Effective Advertising Campaigns That Can Generate Hype

    … Except: It’s influential, it’s useful, it’s dependable, companies love to explore it, and it gives them the edge over their rivals. Advertisement campaigns are tailor-made for firms to create the maximum noise and impact. The process is one of the optimum ways to influence the audience and to intercept their perception and mind. Considered…

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  • Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Small Business Be Successful

    … Have you noticed that there are two types of entrepreneurs? Those who run rapidly developing companies and those who just get stuck ‘getting-by’. What makes them different? It is basically based on one thing: How strong their marketing strategies are and how effective they are. Regrettably, marketing as a whole topic is often viewed…

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  • 5 Game-Changing Non-Linear Marketing Campaigns Defy Traditional Marketing

    … Gone are the days when consumers would buy a product after seeing its ad on TV or print. Consumers are much more complex now—they switch between TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets. People usually view their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds while watching TV or during commercial breaks. How can you promote your brand…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Sales When You Have Nothing

    … There’s a saying in the world of business that goes as, “It doesn’t need to be good, it needs to sell well.” What this means in the real world, is the power of sales. And as weird as this statement might seem, there’s no denying that a good product sold badly is even worse than a bad product that is sold well! So, if you’re looking at improving…

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  • Coca Cola New Ad: The Elevator to Heaven – When DeePee leads the way

    … Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the Coca-Cola ad that features Deepika Padukone. If you haven’t, then Google it right now because it will blow your mind away! Let me tell you why. My favourite celebrity and me together in one elevator? *Gasp* I can’t even… So, first off, there is no way I wouldn’t have passed out if my favourite celebrity…

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  • How Axe Found Its (Marketing) Magic

    … For any male who went to high school in the 2000s, Axe body spray was an inescapable part of life. Every boys locker room in the country reeked of Axe, and the guys who used the deodorant seemed to care less about masking odor than making sure everyone in school knew they used the product. Axe wasn’t about deodorant; it was about dominance…

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