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  • Playing to Win: 3 Scaling Strategies For Mobile Game Advertisers

    … the elements that gamers respond most favorably to. After Nanigans customer PocketGems tested the ad creative for its “Choose Your Own Story” mobile game, Episode, the mobile gaming company was able to scale daily spend on its mobile app install ad campaign by 500% while still hitting target KPIs. To achieve this massive success, PocketGems first ran…

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  • 3 Ways Nanigans Helps Retail Advertisers Drive More Mobile Purchases

    … — like data from loyalty programs or catalog databases — can dramatically enhance your LTV optimization. 3. Drive Scale with Advanced Automation There are many things to juggle when running an advertising campaign. Details like budgeting, bidding and targeting can quickly eat up all your time. Fortunately, Nanigans’ advanced workflow automation…

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  • The Playbook: The Truth About Digital Advertising Budgets

    … To grow revenues in the competitive world of digital advertising, you need a winning playbook. That’s why we’ve launched The Playbook, a video series featuring data-driven strategies and tips to take your direct response performance to the next level. Not all digital ads perform at the same level, so why allocate the same daily budget across…

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  • Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Belle Napasagorn, Pomelo

    … Anatomy of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing blog series showcasing top talent in the field of digital advertising. Since 2014, Southeast Asian online retail brand Pomelo has been helping women solve the dilemma of having nothing to wear. With 4 new arrivals per week, 365 day returns and affordable fast fashion under two proprietary clothing…

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  • Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Aranya Choudhury,

    … Anatomy of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing blog series showcasing top talent in the field of digital advertising. is an eCommerce portal for Indian moms, selling baby and children’s apparel, shoes and other related products. Launched in October 2012, the online store was co-founded by two Harvard Business School alumni who previously…

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  • The Marketing Automation Mandate

    … barriers and making advanced tools directly accessible to users. Technology in the ad tech space is following a similar course. Over the past few years, dozens of companies have built solutions to help scale digital advertising. From programmatic buying platforms to more powerful DMP and marketing cloud suites, new solutions are evolving and being…

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  • Finding Human Stories Inside Machine-Driven Algorithms

    Published 1 min ago 36 As ad agencies and media buyers look for ways to optimize campaigns and drive better performance, programmatic platforms have dramatically increased their role in digital advertising. New technologies enable machines to do most of the work, letting the algorithms take control. I sometimes wonder why we show up at the office every day.

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  • Trading Transparency for Advertising Automation: Is It Worth It?

    … to sacrifice control and transparency for the promise of higher conversion rates? Yes. Publishers have all but handed over the keys, closed their eyes and buckled their seatbelts while blindly expecting (cough … hoping!) for big bucks at the end of the year. But what they haven’t considered about trading transparency for advertising automation…

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