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    • Ten Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your Email List Each Month

      How do you target the right audience for your website? How do you convert curious internet surfers into interested subscribers? Such questions always pop into our heads when we are starting our own website. Here are ten ways you can add more subscribers to your website: 1. Entering an Email Address Should be Made Simpler You must have seen opt-in forms on the internet which h ...

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    • The 5 Steps You Need to Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy

      In 2017, having a digital marketing strategy is not so much a luxury as it is a necessity. In order to grow your business, connect with your audience and stay relevant online, it is crucial to integrate a digital strategy into your overall marketing plan. Don’t know where to start? Follow these five steps to be on the path to digital marketing domination.

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  • Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates of 2016

    …. Major Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates 2016 Among the major updates Google rolled out in 2016 were Panda, Penguin and Possum. Needless to say, Google implements all of its modifications with the aim of making it easy for users to find the information they’re looking for in minimal time. Google also has aimed to integrate paid and organic search…

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  • Facebook Advertising Tips for the ECommerce Entrepreneur

    … margin for eCommerce stores can be quite minimal. It does not actually make sense to advertise your eCommerce store in this scenario. Pay per click advertising has become quite expensive over the years. The conventional logic of identifying niche targeted keywords to advertise might not be profitable any more. This is also the case with Facebook…

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  • Create Banner Ads That Are Beautiful with Bannersnack – And Manage Them

    … Whether or not banner ads work for your business depends on how you use them. Many might agree with the Onion’s sarcasm regarding the effectiveness of banner ads. But the truth is that display advertising is an important part of a brand’s marketing campaign. If you expect banner ads to lead to immediate conversions, you will probably…

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  • What Factors Make Advertising Cost Effective?

    … is it that is effective about that advertising? Is it the pictures? Is it the words? Is it the location? What about the strategy? Can you call it strategy when the little signs are placed x number of miles or feet from the next sign with a progressively increasing sense of urgency that you take advantage of the service (or that you desperately need the service…

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  • Branded Merchandise Is Great for Businesses Both Big and Small

    … ensure your money is used wisely. This requires catering to your desired audience by selecting those items that will have the greatest impact. More practical businesses will want to offer useful items to remain inline with their image, while businesses dealing in entertainment or leisure can provide more whimsical products. Sites like offer…

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  • The History of Human Billboards

    … Advertising has, since the establishment of a trade-based economy, been one of the most crucial factors of commerce. Even if it was something as primitive as shouting out what you’re selling from a market stall at the local fair, it’s always been essential that you let your customers know what you have to offer and why they should buy…

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  • Why Mobile Marketing is the Present and Future of Your Business

    … visibility. Fortunately, you can find reviews of every major platform to make this a more simplistic process. For example, it is easy to find a review, and this free editor gets a high score because it offers many robust features such as mobile-friendly designs. After you have selected a website host that offers templates that render…

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  • 8 Killer Strategies To Make More Money From Your Blog

    … work. The good news is there are many different ways to make more money from your blog. There isn’t a single get-rich-quick strategy, but there are lots of great ways to boost your blog’s earnings. Here are eight to get you started: Direct Ad Placements Like many bloggers, you probably use advertising to monetize your blog. But if you’re just…

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  • Three Ways to Reduce Your Online Advertising Costs

    … Advertising is an essential part of marketing your online business, but it can become expensive. Before you forge ahead with an advertising strategy that will see you part with much-needed cash for your business, here are three great tactics you can employ to reduce your advertising costs today: 1) Research where your customers hang out Ever been…

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  • Why Native Advertising Will Fail Without Ad Specific Landing Pages

    … Click image to see the full infographic Do you know what native advertising is? Are you sure? There is not a clear consensus yet, but there are some aspects that most would probably agree about regarding native advertising: appears within the stream of the content conforms to the norms of the particular location seeks to be virally…

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  • How to Use Classifieds to Increase Sales and Promote Your Small Business

    … local cities, counties, or geo-targeted areas such as DFW (Dallas Ft Worth) or Waco-Temple-Killeen (three cities that are often mentioned together). In the northeast where states are small, there are sometimes Tri-State groupings. Advertising Strategy Consider running free ads on many sites and tracking your results. Use different landing pages so…

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